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May the last organized knots of resistance of guerrillas were suppressed. I put forward idea of the independent state for tamilets. there were judicial authorities and managements, army, the central bank. Lanki from the point of view of supply with water, electricity, transport infrastructure. Separate groups of fighters continued to control only the tongue of sand extended on some kilometers isolated from the main part of the island. in some cases additional conditions can work. From arts the architecture, small bronze plasticity, classical dance, folk theater are developed. weaver's, processing of copper, bronze, lead, brass, production of toys, decorative sculpture, baskets, mats, art ware and musical instruments. land, frame столбовое, rectangular, from clay or a brick. Tamils have a folk puppet theater, ancient literature and art. Writing is developed on the basis of the Old Indian letter to Brahma. one of the first works on grammar of the Tamil language. You can help the project, having expanded the current article by means of the translation. the summer literary history is also considered a classic language. except it the set of other works remained. Emergence of the present was the most essential grammatical change. On an average Tamil there is a wide layer of literature. Further language also underwent grammatical and phonetic changes. So negative conjugations of verbs ceased to be used, denial began to be expressed morphologically or syntactic. the word order became the tky, the sentence structure became more difficult. from the majority of Indo-Aryan loans once inherent in it also the dravidiyskikh of languages differs in it from the others. Nevertheless, only the part of these people is capable to speak Tamil. The central dialect of language is a basis standard Tamil. The Madras dialect combines besides Tamil some elements from English, a Telugu and Hindi. Madurai and in quite extensive adjacent territory of the South of staff. Kerala, practically blocking rainfall brought by southwest monsoons. the fertile plain, northern part is presented both the plain, and hilly territories. Tamil Nadu enough zasushliva also receive less rainfall, than other areas. The climate of the region depends on monsoons, many areas are subject to droughts. Unlike the majority of states of the country, industrial production is quite evenly placed across the territory. The important place in economy is taken by agriculture. from the fruit which is grown up in staff it is the share of bananas and mango. Tamil Nadu has rather developed transport system. One of education problems in staff is absence of enough trained teachers at public schools. Kanchipuram called by the city of one thousand temples many of which are masterpieces of medieval Indian architecture. main resorts, islands, cities, excursions, sights, museums, responses of tourists. The railway system covers practically all staff. Nadu also connects him to all large cities of the country. Climate subequatorial monsoonal, fluctuations of temperature within a year are small. From July to September in this district the so-called northeast monsoon when there are long heavy rains is established. Nadu can offer the guests various options of placement from high quality and expensive hotels, to modest budgetary hostels. In the majority of hotels there are restaurants and the breakfast is already included in accommodation cost. The only moment, in small hotels vegetarian dishes of a local cuisine, in large hotels a choice are offered, as a rule, much more. You can offer the own translation from English, using special fields for input below. Increase scale to see the updated information. Receive every week a newsletter with new offers and responses of travelers. Reviews and councils of hotels, resorts, flights, rent of apartments, tourist's packages and t. isn't service of booking and doesn't raise a payment for services from users of the site. doesn't bear responsibility for contents of the external sites. In special offers taxes and fees aren't specified. India, one of the main ports and industrial hubs of the country. In ancient times the civilization of dravid lived and prospered here. Georgy with whom the city building began. Foma was the first Christian who set foot on the Holy Indian Land. This temple is a fine example of architecture of dravid. Kapaleshvarara are painted with motives from the Indian mythology.

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July 28th, 2015

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