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In the different countries of the world very different relation to the sphere of intimate relations meets that sometimes even it is difficult to imagine as legislators could reach it. by no means it is impossible to eat that a lamb with whom had sexual relations. Lebanon, besides that nearly a half of the population - Christians, to men is officially authorized to enter sexual relations with animals. Bahrain the gynecologist if he is a man, has the right to conduct research, only looking at reflection of genitals in a mirror. The Pacific Ocean - there is a special profession - a deflorator. Such expert goes about the country and for a payment renders to girls service of deprivation of innocence. Only the prospect of career development is rather foggy. Hong Kong the wife to whom the husband changed, can kill him, but under one condition - punishment she has to make barehanded, without weapon. As for the husband's mistress, she can be killed with anything. Cali the woman can have sex only with the husband, and when it occurs for the first time, mother of the bride has to be near to testify an event. Crous the man has no right to make love along with the woman and her daughter. America, there too there are many strange laws. Arizona it is forbidden to keep more than two dildos in the house. Any sexual communications with birds are strictly forbidden Minnesota. Ohio to women is forbidden to wear the varnished leather shoes as, according to the American legislators, they can reflect underwear. As for other strange laws on sex, in the different countries work also other ridiculous decrees regulating the schedule of intimate life of citizens and citizens. Great Britain, and then to zakadrit the next beauty, it isn't recommended to do it. In this strict Catholic country it is impossible to use condoms and therefore it is impossible and to sell. After all sex, according to the authorities, exists only for a reproduction. Hawaii the woman of the dream also you want to make love to it, better don't do it if the girl's parents are dear to you. years, her parents are waited by punishment in the form of three years of corrective-labor works. Budapest it is authorized to partners to love each other only in the dark. by the light of in own apartment, it is all the same punished by a penalty. It is forbidden to make love, including by the light of candles or a fireplace. Florida for a parking of an elephant is forbidden to take more money, than for a car parking. If it doesn't help and the horse still looks scared, the owner of the car is obliged to sort it, and to hide parts in bushes. The laws adopted in times when cars were rare and easily disassembled nobody worked to cancel. California motorists have to watch that in their garages there was nothing, except the car. Washington according to the law on the prevention of crimes the motorist having criminal intentions is obliged to stop at border of the city and to report about the arrival to the chief of city police. If he is arrested for commission of crime, violation of this law will be considered as the aggravating circumstance and the additional sign of fault. Pennsylvania, for example, drivers of the cars moving at night on rural roads are obliged to stop through each mile, to launch the alarm missile and to continue the movement only in ten minutes, having convinced that on the road there are no pets or cattle. the m to it to leave the car, to shoot from the gun and only after that to continue the movement. Ohio motorists are obliged to signal every time when pass by other car. However, for violation of these rules practically nobody is fined. Owners of cats are obliged to provide to Sterling the pets with marker lights for night walks. if the person sleeping on the street was in boots, him could detain for alcoholism on the street. To Oklahoma the citizens transporting in public transport an aquarium with small fishes have to take out at first fishes from an aquarium, and then already get on a bus. The dogs of staff forming a group of three and more individuals are obliged to have on this special permission of the city authorities. The used edges for razors forbid to throw out Connecticut, to husbands to kiss the wives on Sundays, and, besides, everything, irrespective of a sex, age and relationship status, in order to avoid strict punishment for sorcery to train dogs. Georgia can't tie giraffes to lampposts, and men are strictly forbidden to nestle on a back of other man. hours, and also to women who fall asleep during drying of hair in hairdressing salons. To Oklahoma, from where it is possible to reach the next ocean only by plane, catching of whales is forbidden. Louisiana it is forbidden to bite people, and use for a sting of an artificial jaw is considered as more serious crime and is punished more strictly. Tennessee is considered a brothel the house in which lives more than eight women. any female person can't appear in a bathing suit on the road. m from schools, churches and catering establishments. You won't be able to wear cowboy's boots if you don't own at least two cows. licking toads and frogs, and also a wash of cars the underwear which was in the use. You can be arrested if you fish, sitting astride a camel. To Alabama under the threat of the death penalty you won't be able to salt railroad rails. They forbade pedestrians to open umbrellas on streets not to frighten horses. Thus, you won't be able to take cover from a rain, without having frightened a horse. Pokatello has enough to pedestrians and drivers frowns, to grimace, threateningly to watch, have a gloomy and oppressed appearance. The law forbids any establishment to raise an entrance fee on speeches of the one-armed pianist. minutes to be trained before starting fire suppression. Jasper the husband has no right to cane the wife, in the diameter bigger, than his thumb. It is illegal to carry counterfeit moustaches which can cause laughter in church. For a posypaniye salt of railroad tracks can sentence to death. Фэйрбэнкс it is illegal to give to drink to elks alcoholic beverages. While it is authorized to shoot bears, it is forbidden to awake them with the purpose to photograph. It is illegal to Gloube to play on the street cards with indigenous Americans. It is legally authorized to husband to beat the wife, but it is no more than once a month. School teachers who tie the hair in a bunch, can be fined. years can be involved on public roads. Columbus it is illegal to sit on a porch in an indecent pose. It is illegal to replace clothes on the dummy standing in a show-window of shop, there didn't come twilight yet. Seattle women who sit on male knees in buses or trains without placing a pillow between them, automatically get the six-months penal of imprisonment. Women have to get the written permission from their husbands to carry false teeth. It is illegal to wear a hat which blocks the review at theater or other public place. The Kru to women don't allow to carry publicly something red. Doctors and dentists can't apply an anasteziya to women if there is no third party. Andzheles the husband can beat the wife a leather belt if its width less than two inches, differently the wife has to grant permission for that she was beaten wider belt. A crime is firing from any moving vehicle if the purpose isn't the whale. It is illegal to Pasadena to be to the secretary in the room alone with the boss. It is illegal to establish a mousetrap without license for hunting. It is illegal to Frantsisko to wipe the car the underwear which was in the use. Restaurants have no right to sell cherry pies on Sunday. To Wichita improper treatment of the mother-in-law can't become a cause for divorce. Lang it is illegal to go on a mule down the main street in August if the animal doesn't wear a straw hat. It is illegal to Natoma to throw a knife into any person wearing a striped shirt. It is illegal to enter repeated marriage with the same person for the fourth time. It is illegal to Dyyurango to come to public in the clothes not inherent in your floor. Kaunti the man commits a crime if kisses the woman while she sleeps. It is illegal to Pueblo to allow a dandelion grow in city boundaries. The law is forbidden to use the edges which were in the use. Hartford the husband has no right to kiss the wife on Sunday. An anatto tree fire trucks are obliged to stop on all signals of red light of the traffic light. Portland it is illegal to men to tickle women under a chin bird's feathers. The maximum sum of money which can be won in gambling, is limited to three dollars. Rumforda to the tenant the law is forbidden to bite the owner. Baltimore it is illegal to wash or clean plums, irrespective of as far as they dirty. It is illegal to Haletorpa to kiss more than one second. Improper treatment with oysters is violation of the law. Salem even married couples are forbidden to sleep in a nude look in leased rooms. The legislation forbids duels with use of water guns. Boston it is illegal to take a bath without the permission of the doctor. The law provides that the woman's hair legally belong to her husband. Detroit it is illegal to make love in the car if it it isn't parked within your property. Breynerde is obliged to grow according to the law a beard. The potential groom has to kill with Truro before marriage during hunting of six blackbirds or three crows. to be rescued the woman it has to be completely dressed. It is illegal to demonstirovat the movies representing commission of crime. If during service in church the child eructated, his parents can be arrested. Eureka to the men carrying moustaches is forbidden to kiss women. It is illegal to sell the clothes to pay a debt. It is illegal to carry out an inspection of hotel under an assumed name. Yorkshire terrier illegally to the woman to be on the street in the fitting clothes. Retone illegally to the woman to go down the street astride a horse to a kimono. Columbus it is forbidden to sell popcorn on Sunday. Oxford it is illegal to women to undress before images of the man. Shultere illegally to the woman to play for money in a nude look, in lingerie or when carrying a towel. It is forbidden to bathe without carrying the corresponding clothes - overalls which close a body from a throat to knees. With Merione to ministers garlic or onions before the report forbid to eat. Morrisville women have to get permission to use cosmetics. Providence it is illegal to sell toothpaste and a toothbrush to the same client on Sunday. Fargo can get to prison if to have a hat on the head during dance. It is illegal to give on a table odnovrenno beer and dry pretzels in bars, clubs, restaurants at any time. Memphis it is illegal to give any piece of pie to the companion. Memphis the woman at a wheel can't go one, in front of the car the person who a red tag has to warn pedestrians and drivers has to go or run. Texas because it contains a formula for creation of beer in house conditions. hour to a crime gave to their victims the notice with the indication of character of a crime orally or in writing. A swagger it is illegal to do more than three drinks of beer for once. Not married women who are going down on a parachute on Sunday can be imprisoned. It is illegal to Sarasota to sing when wearing a swimwear. The husband is responsible for each criminal act made by the wife at its presence. Each citizen is obliged to go to church with the weapon. Display of movies in which beat is forbidden or scoff at police officers. California a cat with a dog have to get special permission for occupation by love with each other. It is illegal to Utah to have with the man sex when it is carried to reanimation. Alaska forbids an elk to have sex on city streets. Kentucky is forbidden to be shown to the woman in a bathing suit on the carriageway. An exception if it is accompanied to two police officers. Michigan the woman is forbidden to cut hair without the permission of the husband. Oregon it is illegal to use foul language during sex with the wife. It is illegal to Pennsylvania to have sex with the truck driver in his car. Dakota is forbidden to have sex in hotel on a floor. Texas there is a law forbidding to pigs to have sex in the territory of the airport. Washington there is a law forbidding sex with the virgin. Wyoming the law forbids to have sex at an entrance to shop. Minnesota to the husband is forbidden to have sex with the wife if from it smells as garlic or onions. Montana is forbidden to have sex in front of the house after sunset. Nebraska in hotel can have sex only in a pure nightgown. Mexico sex in the car during a lunch break is forbidden, and it is authorized, only if in the car there are curtains. The law forbids Oklahoma masturbation for the person who watches sex of two other people in the car. Otherwise sex by a mutual consent will turn into rape. Cruz it is authorized to man to have sex with the woman and her daughter at the same time. Lebanon it is authorized to man to have sex with animals, if a female animal. Bahrain the man the gynecologist can look at genitals of women at inspection only through a mirror. Indonesia punishment for masturbation - beheading. Guam there is a man's profession which consists in going on villages and to deprive of girls of virginity. Hong Kong the wife has the right to kill the husband who changed her, but she can make it only barehanded. It is possible to shoot at Welshmen all week - if those are noticed within city walls after approach of midnight. You have not a lot of time to vvalit blessed on the first. It is forbidden to start the car, without having convinced previously that under car there are no children. rat strands of wood or slices of a dung on kilogram of rice, wheat, corn or grain. After copulation with an animal the last should be killed and dug, without eating. It is forbidden to wear bright pink trousers in the afternoon on Sunday. The word of honor, itself it would be closed that then to unburden the heart. All cyclists before making turn, are obliged to specify the direction by a hand. here, perhaps, nevertheless you won't do without Chernobyl boys. It is forbidden to appear to children on the street in boots with the untied laces. To lead an immoral life is still it is necessary to deserve. It is forbidden to look, under the threat of short imprisonment, on naked feet of the dressed woman. It is forbidden to rescue the sinking person as it is intervention in its destiny. The woman having two sons has to be forcibly subjected to sterilization. It is forbidden to appear, under the threat of public shaving, on streets to bearded women. It is forbidden to offend others moustaches, drawing itself a finger the same imagined near by. All women have to go with a naked breast, so in the Middle Ages nomads took care of the enemies who are changed clothes by women. It is forbidden to dig out under the threat of prosecution to boars golf courses at night. It is forbidden to leave to cats the house without three hand bells on a neck. Duels, except for the persons bequeathing the bodies to medical or scientific institutions are forbidden. dollars not to lower water after use of a toilet. It is forbidden being to be driving to the driver the car dressed not in a shirt. It is forbidden to step on national currency as on it the king is represented. It is authorized to seduce to land owners working at their lands. otherwise land owners for anything don't answer. It is forbidden to take own picture in a naked look to the utmost in booths for an urgent photo. We chipped in together time with boys for a flock and a box of a booze here and went to have a rest to the village. in t it is officially recognized as admissible anticreeping means. The traffic police is obliged to report to the administration about the bribes got from drivers in a day. And, breaking in each staff under one foolish law. Almost in each country there are laws striking with the absurdity. Some of them contradict each other, and some - to common sense. Bateman already came back home with extensive impressions and diaries. England to the man is forbidden to urinate in a public place. It works only if responsible celebrates need at a back wheel of the car, holding thus the right hand on the car. Most likely, having put the left hand on a cowl or having attached at others car, punishment can be avoided. And if the Scot breaks wind, can be shot him and in the last day of the week. To Asians the pedantry and cleanliness are traditionally attributed. Here they also decided to confirm this reputation legislatively. Korea, for example, can check easily law-abidingness of officers of traffic police, having bribed them. strangely enough, to the areas which aren't intended for start of rockets. Apparently, the Canadian safety is appreciated much below than Thai sidewalks. But only do that try in any ways to save the citizens from terrorism. Nevertheless democratic American laws give an easy time to enemies of national security. to stop at entry into the city, to call the chief of police and to report about the ominous plans. Tennessee to women in general is forbidden to take the wheel. this is the man running ahead of the car who has to swing red tags, warning pedestrians and other drivers about danger. The American laws in general quite often encroach on the rights of a female half of the population. Women can't carry Wisconsin red in public places. these animals have to get official permission of the mayor. Under the law, vegetable can be recognized as that, only if it elastic. to the mathematician, and, probably, decided that fundamentals of this science don't meet standards of staff life. there you will break the law, having bitten off from others hamburger. And there are thousands of laws existing at the level of staff, the county or municipality. Some of them nowadays seem ridiculous, however emergence of similar regulations was once caused by quite serious reasons. In the same place you are threatened by prison for a nibble from others hamburger, and women can't cut to themselves hair if they have no license of the hairdresser. and under the threat of the death penalty it is forbidden to salt rails, and also the husband has no right to bang the wife a stick if the tool is thicker than his thumb. Mexico women can't appear on the street the unshaven. Yorkshire terrier that who jumps off from a roof of buildings, only the death penalty threatens. Barlingeym is considered to be spat by a crime, if only you not stadium during a baseball game. To Carolina unmarried couple which fits into one hotel room, will declare the husband and the wife. Georgia you can safely beat any who offends you by expletives. And once I used camels as draft force. As a result, camels were discharged from military service and nowadays in Alabama semi-deserts there live wild camels. The law was adopted after city teenagers found out that leather of some frogs contains hallucinogens. Addicts caught frogs and diligently licked them, and the police could do nothing with it. Residents keep in houses of monitor lizards, crocodiles, pigs, without speaking about traditional dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and t. Pets are in the habit to run away sometimes from the house. Once it happened to a cub of a rhinoceros who caused heavy damage to local gardens and lawns. Mobile men are forbidden to howl on - wolf in public places. In the evenings soldiers gathered in local bars and terribly howled, imitating wolves that, terribly irritated citizens. In the same city, women are forbidden to carry footwear on a heel hairpin. She considered that the municipality which equipped streets with similar dangerous devices is guilty of everything appealed to court and carried the case. As a result, to prevent emergence of similar claims in the future, fathers of the city considered that cheaper to adopt the special law, than to change lattices. Boulder it is forbidden to expose sofas on a house porch. I called this temple of science the best place for fans of entertainments. Students like to celebrate victories of university athletes cultivation of fires on city streets that often leads to the fires. To Florida doors of all buildings have to open only outside. Sisayd round all houses has to be put up a white fence. Besides, each house has to have a beautiful porch. Hawaii is forbidden boards on roads and in public places. Advertizing shouldn't prevent tourists to admire the Hawaiian landscapes. Park it is forbidden to stage demonstrations on a funeral. Michigan it is forbidden to throw octopuses in public places. didn't know elementary things, for example, that gasoline is explosive and during gas station it is better not to smoke. With were afraid that their clients can blow up gas station. Carolina public organizations are forbidden to meet if their members are dressed in identical suits. The law was adopted to get rid of crowds of beggars which occupied tourist sights in the downtown. The West, swindlers could steal cattle, cutting wire fences with nippers. Such thefts became so frequent that, eventually, decided to forbid nippers. Virginia pupils can't attend school if from them smells as onions. The smell is felt even in some days after its use in food. In the same staff, any animal hit the car becomes property of the car driver. The law was adopted to save money for clearing of roads. Besides, under wheels of cars edible deer most often get. Washington, people who arrived to the state with intention to commit a crime, have to call at first in police and inform it on existence of similar plans. Washington, in addition incriminate also violation of this law. However, the explanation of the purposes of legislators doesn't do the law to less senseless. City is forbidden to be transported on a taxi of mad dogs or corpses. Having pasted on an envelope head over heels a stamp with a portrait of the British monarch, you make the act of high treason. year, it is forbidden not to give the tax inspector any information which you wouldn't like to bring to his attention though you also aren't obliged to give it information which you not against it to report. Alabama is forbidden to drive the car blindfold. Great Britain the law grants the right to the pregnant woman to celebrate need everywhere where to it will like, and even to use instead of a chamber-pot the policeman's helmet if she about it asks it previously. Lancashire it isn't allowed to any person after the police constable on the seashore asks it to be late, set on any dog to bark. Florida, it is forbidden to ride a skateboard in a police station. Indonesia for masturbation needs to behead. years two hours in day are obliged to practise in archery. El Salvador the persons convicted of drunk driving can be sentenced to execution. Great Britain the man who felt an imperative need to celebrate need in a public place, has the right to make it only on condition that he will direct a stream on a back wheel of the car, and the right hand will hold this car. To Florida the unmarried women making parachute jumps on Sundays can be imprisoned. Kentucky is forbidden carrying the disguised weapon if it has in length more than six foots. Chester Welshmen are forbidden to enter the city till the dawn and to remain in its limits after sunset. Yorkshire terrier doesn't prohibit the law to kill Scots in the ancient city but only if these Scots have at themselves onions and arrows. London it is forbidden to catch on the street of a taxi if you are sick with plague. Bahrain the male doctor under the law has the right to examine genitals of the woman, but not directly but only looking at their reflection in a mirror. The tail, however, belongs to the queen - if bones on a corset will be necessary for her. It is illegal to get drunk in rooms in which sale of alcoholic drinks is allowed. It is necessary to have special permission of the authorities to viewing of the TV. Under the law the woman can't eat chocolate in public transport. The Skotia during a rain of people has no right to water the lawn. years, your modem shouldn't lift a tube at the first call. Guadalajara is forbidden to cry out offensive words in a public place. The Netherlands it is forbidden to sell beer and wine on Sundays, however the mixed drink can be bought in a glass. Norway is forbidden to delete ovaries at a knot or cats. However, it is possible to castrate male individuals of these types. Entry into the country with cigarettes is an offense. If you descended in a public toilet, you have to merge water. If you are caught for this offense, you can be fined, or put in prison, or both. Thailand if you operate car, the shirt has to be put on you. It is forbidden to leave the house if on you there is no underwear. Uzbekistan forbade the citizens to carry fur linen, having declared it too sexual. Finland drinking in public places is forbidden to kick up a row, misbehave, to threaten another with words and gestures and to shoot from firearms. It is illegal to France to kiss on railway tracks. Sweden, for example, is forbidden to take own picture in a naked look to the utmost in photobooths for an urgent photo. Tallinn it is strictly forbidden to play chess during sexual intercourse. Ethiopia to women in a veil is forbidden to jump on streets on one leg. ozhny police officers are obliged to report about all bribes which they get from drivers of cars. Massachusetts it is impossible to put a gorilla on back sitting of the car. Minnesota all men going on the motorcycle have to be dressed in shirts. Montana sheep are forbidden to be in a truck cabin without attendant. Nevada is forbidden a driving on camels on the high-speed highway. If you were condemned for control of the vehicle in an alcohol intoxication, you never will be able to petition further for receiving personal registration plates. It is forbidden to park on the high-speed highway under the bridge. At all gas stations with it the service personnel has to be engaged. Crawford it is forbidden to put boats on own lawns. Ohio according to the manual of drivers, you have to give a signal every time when you pass by other car. Yangston gasoline in a tank of the car shouldn't come to an end. Oklahoma is forbidden to leave napkins on back sitting of the car. It is forbidden to transport fish in an aquarium in the public bus. According to the law, you have to take out at first fishes from an aquarium, and then already get on a bus. It is forbidden to read the book with jokes during control of car. Cars have to be parked outside of public buildings. Vinona the vehicle has to be attached while it isn't used. Yukon if you overtake the car, you have to give a signal to it. It is forbidden to tie a horse to a building facade of municipality. Oregon is forbidden to fill in at gas stations in a tank of the car own gasoline. Фоллс it is forbidden during walk on the sidewalk to force down the snake heads a cane. If horses seem restive, the driver has to disassemble the car on spare parts and hide it in the next bushes. It is forbidden to sell vehicles on Sundays. Each driver who goes on the rural road to a night-time, has to stop each mile and launch the alarm missile. minutes that the livestock was driven after the journey, and only after that it can continue the movement. Pittsburgh is forbidden to be brought in the tram of a mule or donkey. To slide in the car from the mountain at a neutral speed or with the released coupling it is forbidden. On highways it is forbidden to arrange jumps on horses or to check a horse for speed. Cities before driving to the city on the car, you have to stop and call in municipality in order that residents managed to leave houses and to hold the horses until you pass through the Hills the driving by bicycle if you don't hold both hands a wheel is forbidden. Shores is forbidden to ride roller skates on high-speed highways of staff. Tennessee from the moving car is forbidden to shoot at any game, except whales. Texas it is forbidden to drive the car without windshield screen wipers. If two trains met at the railway intersection, both have to stop. Any of them can't continue the way until under review there is another. It is forbidden to pass in a two-wheeled cart through a city square. Texarkana it is impossible to go by a horse at night without back fires. The driving by the bicycles which aren't equipped with a sound signal is forbidden, thus use of sound signals by cyclists is also forbidden. foots from it and to give a precautionary shot in air to notify horse transport. I offered the ten the most ridiculous judicial claims. Orlando, filed a lawsuit against an institution, demanding some million dollars that a dangerous predator those advertized as lovely harmless creature. which goes on the channel, his name is illegally used. having declared that in sauce she found the cut-off finger. During the investigation it became clear that the woman enclosed a finger itself. delivered by contemplation of how someone caught the wave intending for you. to year the woman who got drunk at a corporate party and broke, sowing after that for a wheel, successfully filed a lawsuit against the employer that he allowed it to drive the car. having declared that the boss shouldn't allow it have to gone home. young young men and girls in bikinis which showed in advertizing, didn't appear. He accused the company of doubtful advertizing and non-performance of promises. the audience I filed a lawsuit against the canal because one of free t-shirts which shot at public by means of a pneumatic gun, got to it to an eye. Skvarek reached for toilet paper, sitting was displaced, having clamped its advantage between sitting and a toilet bowl. But not because of music, and because of contemplation of women who used urinals in a man's toilet. Glazer reported that his right for personal secret was violated by these women who came to a man's toilet because of too long lines in the female. Recently I bought the son the Internet as a gift and he began to climb any your sites. he very much wanted to make to himself a moding namely water cooling of a new kampyuter. Urgently give me the address and phone and where behind money it will be necessary to go. Probably, because for what reason they are necessary when also the usual aren't observed. Only the registered and authorized users can leave comments. Today I publish the first article about maintenance of beauty not by means of home care, and procedures of professional cosmetology. I have still not really wide experience in this sphere, but I can share something. For example, to tell how I did hyaluronic acid injections. I am not a chemist and not the biologist therefore I won't try to tell about properties of hyaluronic acid as much as possible scientifically. Here after all my personal experience is valuable first of all, and in detail will be able to retell the brochure to you in any beauty shop. contains in skin, cartilages, joints, a cornea, connecting fabrics and is responsible for elasticity of fabrics and cell regeneration, and also it is known for the ability to connect and hold water in fabrics that is directly connected with viability and health of fabrics. In medicine гиалуронат it is used for regeneration and restoration of skin, a cornea, joints. Depending on a condition of skin the quantity of the injected drug and introduction depth changes. Introduction of a gialuronat on all area of the person is made by preparations with its smaller contents and is promoted the general moistening and improvement by terms. is toxin and can cause not the best reaction. To choose that from this suits you, it is better by means of the cosmetologist. The cosmetologist told at once me that age changes at me doesn't see and locally there is nothing to fill at me. that on all person with the smallest concentration of a gialuronat, as skin already good. It is much better to maintain moisture content and elasticity of skin, than to fight against already arisen flabbiness. some weeks later it is necessary to come to repeated introductions. The quantity of a preparation, as well as number of procedures is aware, the cosmetologist defines individually. a nka, probably, that cream didn't dry, and left me on a half-hour to lie and fossilate. By the way, I will notice that in normal institutions on you will surely start the card with the instruction not only age and features of reactions of an organism, but also exact records about the carried-out procedures. Small droplets of gel are accurately entered by Shprits under skin in those places which the cosmetologist defines as the least elastic, or simply in places of wrinkles. To me pricked in a forehead, on a face contour, in nosogubny folds, about external part of an eye, under the lower jaw. After gel introduction this place is slightly massed that it resolved better, without having remained a dense hillock. sometimes they are in that place where correction is necessary. such place appeared only one, not the most noticeable and bruise too was very weak. Traces of pricks look as komariny stings later couple of days, that is small red points which perfectly mask any concealer. The cosmetologist warned me that if suddenly I will feel in the next couple of days of consolidation under skin in places of pricks, it isn't necessary to be frightened, and it is necessary to take a napkin and accurately to massage to help gel to resolve. Actually, I have nothing to tell about negative consequences more as they simply weren't. and the outlined nosogubny folds ceased to be outlined if it is so possible to be expressed. So I was hit a pleasant bonus pricks in a neck though usually pay for this zone separately. All course took from me more than two months, and the effect as it is considered, of half a year to nine months keeps. It is difficult for me to judge as I didn't correct deep wrinkles and the result at me not so sharply is evident. When I did injections, didn't think of, whether about it I will write. I will write about a course the glikolevykh of peelings which did this fall. In the years which passed after the publication of record to me many requests arrived to report contacts of the cosmetologist. I advertize nobody this text and publicly I don't want to give information. your e-mail address isn't published anywhere and is told nobody. And in general гиалуронат contains at us in skin constantly so the allergy to it shouldn't be. to show the skin to the cosmetologist with medical education, he will better advise. In the summer I fell in love and I dared to marry, in the winter he stopped loving and - divorce. While color isn't present, wrinkles are, well and traces from pricks. On the street it is impossible, I try to be loaded physically at home. Of course, on this background any improvement can be regarded as plus, but there was a wish - that - plus on plus. In a condition of the personal tragedy even I wasn't interested in structure, I didn't fear bad result, the recommendation of acquaintances was enough, but I noted professionalism. Last night the acquaintance called, took an interest in a state. bags under eyes decreased, nosogubny decreased, the face form was tightened. especially I don't observe color, but also I walk a little, and age nevertheless. days I will go unambiguously, at least for those reasons that the cosmetologist will professionally estimate misses and, there, for example, amendments. These, it is possible not to worry, easily the voice-frequency can hide. it isn't observed in general, I see only a fighting spirit in a mirror. and any changes even if insignificant don't escape me. Good afternoon, please, if not difficult write you coordinates of salon and the cosmetologist. On cosmetic services of the price strongly differ depending on policy of institution. Good afternoon, thanks for so informative article, just itself I think over injections. Unfortunately nobody did of acquaintances, and there is no wish to be mistaken with such question. And time at you good experience, it would be desirable to go there. On a photo I in December, apparently, and did a course from April to June. Not clinic, but salon, though the cosmetologist with medical education. You for maintenance of youth of skin use only high-quality and full leaving. I would like such procedure that it wasn't necessary to do nightly masks, to impose in the morning and in the evening cream and t. nny гиалуронат after all participates in exchange processes along with own and is gradually spent. Into the account ретиноловог a peeling I can tell that it doesn't cost such tortures. I on it had a terrible allergy, addressed to the doctor. And in general, if the girl at least once had on something an allergy, this peeling can't be done. Well, it directly isn't connected with procedure, the photo is made much later. I incidentally the victim, that is the person who passed biorevitalization itself. I, for example, see on myself result even after the moistening mask. By the way, didn't want to sell to me few months ago, asked the passport. Very informatively to read opinion of the person who tried everything on himself. It is difficult to be engaged, of course, in diagnostics of skin at distance. You know, all of us don't look younger, and skin too can't find over time resources for elasticity and freshness any more. substance, natural to an organism, therefore I even wasn't afraid. consult to the cosmetologist, the expert has to estimate a condition of skin. If is honest I to itself I gave beauty injections recently. and with it and emergence still bigger quantity of mimic wrinkles. ugh, when to me gave the last injection in a nosogubny fold, I chutnut I didn't burst into tears. can be, I simply after an electroepilation so quietly treat everything. it is necessary to tell somehow how to use it in house conditions. Please share coordinates of clinic in an open format. The Victoria, it would be advertizing in the blog, for me it is inadmissible. Though some people asked privately, and I answered them. As I wrote above, write on mail, I will give coordinates. if to start pricking injections, when wrinkles already deep. if now to freeze slightly a mimicry and to disaccustom a forehead to screw up the face then it isn't necessary to fill wrinkles at all. to me the father in the childhood straightened a forehead a finger if I frowned, and that number and in public so I tried not to frown not to be dishonored. I went to the cosmetologist for treatment of a mesotherapy two years ago. procedure of injections in area under eyes not the most pleasant. the anesthetizing cream didn't take me, from each prick - the uncontrollable stream got down. Hillocks after pricks didn't mass and to help them forbade to resolve. Промучившись on all put sessions from pain, and between procedures I suffered inconveniences with masking of bruises and зведочек for which gave considerable money, the expected result, unfortunately, I didn't see. after all the person and there is no wish to get burn from inept use, and about ability of the cosmetologist you will try you learn yet. Generally the skeptic I and the perestrakhovshchikh therefore it would be desirable to be grounded by knowledge. After saloon procedure skin at me was fine cleared though inflammations and was so a little, but here absolutely were gone. Skin became more gentle, soft, and even lighter, though I and so not the dark-complexioned girl. However, strangely enough, the peeling at the beginning of a course, on weak concentration was strongest. disturbed nobody and in general I had a feeling as if I removed the old, died-off and unnecessary top layer. No, I didn't face plasticity, girlfriends too didn't do anything of that kind. Your cosmetologist, I wanted to get advice with the subsequent service. At me, by the way, blood is very well displaced, quicker than norm, just now remembered this fact. my aunt did circular tightening and some deep polishing of skin under the general anesthesia. then in general the result was quite good and of it took a picture for advertizing in clinic in the magazine, but in a year we didn't recognize her everything not that returned as was and became even worse. Absolutely in vain some girls Hayat house methods of personal care. I, the truth don't put porridge and sour cream on a face, but ukhodovy cream I cook itself, all ingredients can be found in the Internet shops, it isn't difficult. I was interested in many procedures, injections in due time including, but wasn't solved. as a result results appeared and she every time thanks me for my tediousness with which I it constantly forced to do these exercises. Nobody cancels daily personal care, by itself. always I watched the appearance, but here my cosmetologist I told that it is time to begin more serious procedures. well that the doctor to me on the house came, and I at once fell asleep at home. I, by the way, forgot to mention painful feelings when you bend, for the first time day - one and a half after injections. When to the person flows blood, it becomes unpleasant and painful. years, very much I suffer from existence deep the nosogubnykh of wrinkles. Please, send the address of the recommended salon on mail. Such at me character that very often I smile and laugh. the doctor explained to me that there the strongest muscles therefore there were wrinkles earlier, and once all forehead, result keeps year. We and without it were beautiful and are now far from silicone mutants, I will assure, we look very naturally. cancer cells, after a prick herpes can develop filler. Be circumspect, same your life, and effect it is very minimum. not sulfonated гликозаминогликан, being a part of connecting, epitelialny and nervous fabrics. You so with pleasure write about eternal youth, but unfortunately, the nature you won't deceive. And all this will be short, skin will get used and to a gialuronka and each time the effect will be less. Plus to everything as a part of many synthetic substances. Dear unknown reader, I after all drag nobody to the cosmetologist. I in one of comments was asked to tell in detail how I did injections, I also told. today I have accurate, long and bright bruise on the one hand which not absolutely managed to be covered with a foundation. After all when the area of influence is limited, it is already difficult to bypass all vessels. I how many times tried to explain to the men that I should make plasticity of a breast, so nearly threatened to lock houses. Gialuronovy acid is as top dressing for flowers, water-blossom, forgot water-wither. A peculiar drug, you will sit down, and then the organism refuses to develop a gialuronka but only waits for top dressing. Considering that the organism anyway starts developing over time less hyaluronic acid, I awful in this forecast don't see anything. it would be the catastrophic result for an organism. tell please how to refuse a subscription to comments which come on эл. I so unsubscribed from comments in someone else's blogs, followed the similar links and chose, on what subject I am not signed. According to these links the list of subscriptions to comments to subjects is shown. Already the doctor has to solve it, depending on a condition of skin. Actually very much I am afraid, but I understand that it is time to do something with the person. In general hyaluronic acid not of a pathogen, but such things is better to solve with the cosmetologist, agree. But here write about several procedures, and I was told that it disposable. Here I idumat, can once to me and won't be enough, quite deep I had nosogubny folds. Who can tell something about this preparation, it is only not necessary footnotes on articles, there is a wish to esteem about own experience. As for several procedures, it can be connected with that I was done by injections on all person, but not locally. and it is sharp and after each new stress everything is lower and lower. Very sincerely, kindly, refined, cheerfully, skillfully and easily. it is possible a question, it is normal that now somehow inconveniently as though something is stirred and a gentle lip not really well I feel. Without saying that I to myself in lips pricked nothing. the proivzodstvo stopped because of injections, people would practically collapse on part. As for a gel congestion, at the wrong maintaining consolidations which will resolve over time can be formed, but will bring unpleasant feelings before. To you the cosmetologist, it is more similar to the silicone or other gel having alien to skin structure. I have no hyperpegmentation therefore I don't do the bleaching procedures and of the bleaching means too am not fond. I gave injections with hyaluronic acid a week ago. From personal experience I can tell that it is necessary to weigh all pluses and minuses before deciding on procedure. and became slightly lower than corners of eyes not, decided to look at effect. After the first time I under eyes had terrible hypostases. evenings, but in the morning at me were all the same observed hypostases under eyes. The cosmetologist suggested to do since morning massage under eyes. and here it isn't necessary, deysvy not on muscles goes, and on skin. I read comments and it was a little terrified not knowledge of community. I pricked a pure gilauronka in nosogubk and I plan to do Botox in a mezhbrovya. Before doing procedure I read weight special honey of literature. You at all not zaspamil, on the contrary, were very interesting to be read. I think to make next time locally nosogubk, so to me opinion of the skilled person interesting. And if after that you are disturbed still by a nosogubny fold, then it is possible to think of filler. but feelings from a deep prick of a gilauronka much more painful, than from a simple mesotherapy. And I see that folds, and when I tired are outlined, the overhang of cheeks becomes more noticeable. day almost continuously with pleasure I read the blog. I am a doctor, кмн, by the nature of the activity I know about a microscopic structure of skin everything, though not the cosmetologist. years, a year ago quite strongly I lost weight and face skin drooped and was tired. However, to prick a gialuronka inside and to smear it as a part of cream on the person - different things. You were puffed lidocaine - inconveniently, it isn't so painful, the result is worth it. I watched transmission about cosmetics and cosmetic procedures. Told that in a consequence the гиа starts being developed badly. articles where that was written that in general aren't present minuses and where that literally in one phrase was said that development of the gialuronka is slowed down. I so think that you shouldn't hurry to start giving injections if it urgently isn't required to skin. And that I read all and it isn't clear where advertizing of salon, and where opinion of the person. You see if there is a cottage cheese, production of the calcium won't be slowed down. the process which is so centralized and difficult that local additives not to turn it back. Before drawing I use a scooter with microneedles which opens skin pores and allows hyaluronic acid to get into skin and it is better to be acquired. I read responses and the same I decided to share the experience. Bruises were, but the cosmetologist advised to use during couple of days a banal troksevazin. It didn't mask any cosmetics, and nobody cancelled work. Red strips, there was a small rash, places of pricks slightly inflamed. But the effect vdalneyshy was pleasant to me, I will try further. Since then each half a year I do this complex of procedures, plus times a year Botox. I did a nosogubka and fillers in lips for a contour and corners of lips. Nosogubny fold after a disposable obkalyvaniye still in a good shape. All injections register in my medical card which the cosmetologist brought to my first arrival. The effect very much was pleasant, nobody understood what happened, but noted that obviously looked younger. Too she was fond of a gialuronka and Botox, doctors directly told her that overdid, and the liver needed to be supported surely. years to look fine and to rejoice to the reflection in a mirror. You can't in a mirror look at itself because at one time didn't know when to stop and if to do everything moderately, yourself you won't do much harm. Skin still in a good tone though in principle all fillers were already removed, Botox stopped the action. I thought доколоть still something, but the cosmetologist told that it isn't necessary yet that skin at me in an excellent state. At everyone the, and everyone does everything of personal reasons. I will repeat unambiguously, at least once a year, but already in other place. I want to look perfectly for the age and in the short term not to hand over positions. A heap of time it is already spent in search of reasonable discussions of injections. After reading of all comments, I made the unambiguous decision, I go on pricks. Send please on mail the address of salon and as call the cosmetologist, well of course it would be desirable to learn also the prices. Girls, and I in turn want to share experience in plastic surgery, it can is necessary for someone. to year on vacation abroad I got acquainted with the girl who as a result of me and dragged on plasticity of the upper and lower eyelids. It already passed it therefore to her verbal belief I also saw the fact on the person. Girls if it helps someone, I will send on mail, where it and who it. I have a same problem - huge bags under eyes in inheritance. If it is possible, too I would like to receive contact information on clinic where did a blefaroplastika. years, my cosmetologist recommends to make a blafaroplastika only at very good surgeon, I will be also grateful for the address and the surgeon. I have too a problem with upper eyelids, give out age though I look younger. A request write to you please where did and at what doctor a blefaroplastika. especially the effect was swept up in the field of dimples on cheeks after the first pricks. in a nose bridge gave irritation, there I won't prick any more. If to you locally laid gel in nosogubk, it was not biorevitalization, and planimetric plasticity gel on the basis of hyaluronic acid. there is no dependence on cosmetologists and beauty shops. I am firmly convinced that the later you start something invasively using, the better. fine skin, absolutely isn't present wrinkles, wasn't pricked, only peelings and good prof. I got rid of the died-off layer of keratinotsit, skin was tightened, sites of skin were highlighted and in general the person brightened up. in total it is process of peeling occurs very comfortably and imperceptibly. So, my opinion - it is necessary to look after from the youth, to support itself sport to activate microcirculation and surely modeling facial massage. then, in principle, it is necessary to enter not locally, and on all person. Thanks a lot for article, doubts in need of this procedure disappeared. The cosmetologist decided to prick Gilauronka on all person, and under eyes too. I hope that in some days traces from pricks will pass. In any case at skin the fine, humidified and healthy look. when a month ago I came for the first time to prick to it Botox - a forehead and armpits. And I made a gilauronka that from a face to take off fatigue, I notice it. I did meso from dryness of skin, then pure a gilauronku-course. which wanted to make in March, but it turned out and the end of April. But the effect was visible not at once and dry zones passed through a week. I was warned that if to do this procedure in the spring, that is risk to earn pigmentation, t. complexion human, small lifting without fillers, the nosogubka finished. and about procedure will write down in the magazine and still have to ask about аллерг. It is possible to ask your opinion in the situation which developed at me. I wanted to correct a shape of lips and to give them volume. If in the first day there was a hypostasis and lips looked swelled, for the second day this swelling left for good. About on inside of an upper lip there was a hematoma, terrible bruises on both lips, and also below and above a contour of lips got out, and neither voice-frequency nor red lipstick you won't cover these bruises. And here years passed two, skin is ideal while even I am not going to dokalyvat. Or perhaps it was also necessary for skin, it is a little support. I know nothing, his cosmetologist didn't even offer me never. One cosmetologist offers гиалрепайр, another сантифик. Yes, last Friday round eyes cut away peptides, in this repetition and h-z week the cosmetologist offered pt-ets mesobotox. I am not an expert, to me at once told that biorevitalization by a course from three procedures. this is such kleshchik on eyelashes, all have him but at decrease in immunity or change of seasons. I of course cheeped there, but he me learned to breathe as буд I give birth. Strange, and I have definitely two photos in illustrations. already was ill nothing, but also I didn't see results. one those who fights against different degree of an acne already much and among the young. Biorevitalization is effective only at a lack of moisture content of skin. Thus, of course, it is necessary to consider that age skin is inclined to dryness. And it is necessary to wait really for nothing, it is necessary to look after skin at any age, but, knowing sense of proportion. Reaction of young skin which works still itself, to active preparations can appear the return, t. instead of prevention and moistening you receive regress. means to see hardly noticeable changes and to take measures. Prevention when absolutely isn't present a problem and it wasn't outlined can be expressed only in immunity strengthening, but not in the form of injections. If with age problems, a course of antioxidants in a vein, for example, of a meksidol were outlined, time in half a year for prevention is very desirable. The look purely incidentally on article stopped as to me this acid from arthrosis was appointed together with artradoly. My grandmother arthrosis too the artradoly treated, and here acid by her didn't appoint. I thought, well I will try, won't be anyway worse as injections consist of a gialuronka and are harmless absolutely. even don't trust, but can do it everything genetically, at me all sort looks very young though behind the appearance, I all life look after, and I don't think that the complex forces the woman to go to the cosmetologist, to do injections and t. more simply, and quicker, and on money is cheaper, and that the most important without risk. This very useful and necessary opening in the field of cosmetology. Pigmentation happens from peelings, and pricks don't clean the top layer of an epithelium in any way. In general it is simply super that there were such means which don't demand surgery, and too time very well help to get rid of wrinkles. my wrinkles in a nosogubny fold developed at school, here such mimicry at me and the fan I to laugh and on to smile, well here you will do. And all girlfriends very long time ago already tried a miracle the line of means рестилайн. He safe, is well perceived by organism fabrics, provides long effect. Interestingly, and I heard that this acid also in medicine is used. Speaks to one granny appointed a preparation алфлутоп, so she in its structure was. Mmmm, only it seems there all business not really ended. The Nikoga didn't think that I will give injections in a face, even couldn't imagine. I addressed to the cosmetologist to make hardware procedures. Results pleased, but nevertheless the cosmetologist advised to make gialuronka injections. Traces from pricks of a praktiyeska were imperceptible, but nevertheless on the one hand the sinyachok was formed. Next morning the second day having successfully covered it, I went for work. Nobody turned attention though I felt both bruise, and small puffiness which absolutely passed for the third day. In three days I went for correction, the doctor made dokola under eyes. Today passed a little more than a month after the first injections. I punctured once again nosogubk, plaintive grooves and slightly lips. Under eyes traces from pricks as komarinny stings, on the right side at a nosogubka a sinyachok. After procedure puffiness was observed, but by the evening it became better though up to the end I didn't pass. In the whole ambassador of the first procedure I remained is happy, on a photo it is possible to see how the person changed. After the first procedure too most was therefore it is strongly not upset. By third day it became such dot as though a pigmentary speck, but not bruise, and was covered absolutely simply. Very pleasantly and to learn something, and to tell another. the medicine will allow to take away the drooped chins and deep wrinkles. Wash to you council, it is necessary to correct defects in process of their emergence. without false modesty I look good, genes, aren't present wrinkles, носогубок, bags. Moscow, and it is the cosmetologist with a wide, wide experience and here she decided me to puncture with a gialuronka with amino acids, agreed, it is simple that at home, the person and practically without expenses. About I passed completely psoriasis on the head which everything life torments me, just suddenly. And after all in principle, I had to become aggravated, I even on a face had it a little. The fantasy, the sister calls every day, asks, even to it isn't believed that such could occur. After all psoriasis is an obvious contraindication, and here such. please prompt where it is better to address that there would be an expert good and clinic confidential. all this was made a dense gialuronka, I so understood it. In a week made on eyes, a forehead and cheeks pricks - hyaluronic acid with vitamins. weeks, special effect it isn't visible on wrinkles under eyes, but eyes began to swell less, and face skin became fresher and young. I am going to repeat procedure soon, only now at home, to the cosmetologist already I registered. In my opinion the effect isn't worse, than from pricks, but not so painfully and less travmatichno for an organism. I don't know, I am not a cosmetologist and I had no such situation. It would be desirable to try hyaluronic acid injections. I did correction носогубок more than half a year back, the result still keeps, the person at me became very young. do, here only go to really checked expert. It seems normally at once nosogubny folds disappeared, but I received semi-Coca because money wasn't enough, we with the girlfriend decided one prick to divide for two. We assume all airs of an insurance, including медикейд and a mediker. Your remarkable smile is much closer and more available, than you think. It isn't sick, not long and not late, irrespective of age. It is necessary to wait exactly so much that - appearance, and on moral health. To open bank accounts and to begin credit history. It is possible to order all types of coffee in us, including coffee in Turkish in sand. roofs, membrane roof, cattle roof of roofs of private houses and cottages. Pierce with a steel core cheeks without bleeding and scars. Nanjing there takes place the exhibition of the dishes made of rare stones. Manu in connection with intensive rains and strong landslides. Manu - the national park located in southeast part of the country which enjoys popularity at tourists. I died as a result of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. The region endures the severest drought for the last fifty years. continually shouts headings, newly made truth and badly informed opinion, allow me to begin with two facts. China the custom extended to light colourful lamps this night. Peru can offer a huge choice of the tourist places capable to satisfy various tastes and wishes of the guests. and to make it the high grossing film in the history of cinema. Heilongjiang, in the small village observed solar Galo against snowdrifts yesterday. Valentin was placed by huge photos of lovers against which many Chinese exchanged kisses. But this year passions round the cheapest vehicle inflamed. To Agra, her family declared that it resulted from an illness. Sona helped police to find a cause of death of the girl on Sunday. Indians love the whisky, vodka and rum, and only start feeling taste of wine. Oh, I put two kingdoms on a side of dragged-out war. The yoga can shortly fade into the background for popularity. Delhi speaks not only these classic east languages. intensively there is a work on repair of historical cultural monuments. Nepalese Christians plan to carry out a protest action at the building of national parliament after the authorities forbade them to bury deceased in the place which was traditionally used as a cemetery. Pikchu is as follows to year the ceremony devoted to century of opening of the well-known citadel of monks. Mongolia there will be an event for which many travelers and fans of adventures wait. the anthropologist self-educated person and the photographer who set as the purpose to study life of nomads. In this selection of photos it is possible to see unique pictures of ancient constructions. The ancient cities, kingdoms, ruins of palaces, statues which wonderfully remained, mysteriously disappeared inhabitants. In the first day of new year younger family members go to seniors to express the respect, surely remember ancestors, light aromas. Within a two-day festival locals entertain tourists driving on sledge, starts of unusual fireworks and authentic songs. the hotels, considerably having increased thereby a number of rooms. National dishes, blagopozhelaniye and cleaning fire. Within a month Buddhists will make ritual actions, the announcing goods and life. week of plentiful feasts, never-ending fireworks and uncontrollable expenditure approaches. Nobody knows why inhabitants paint the houses this color. Shanghai street scenery by a New Year's holiday are already established. is famous for large-scale hi-tech decisions and innovative approach to projects. India pass many thousands demonstrations with the requirement to the government to take measures for corruption restraint. Dharamsala a search during which the large sum of money in foreign currency is withdrawn. Russia not militiamen, but police officers - as well as in the majority of the countries of the world will protect a law and order. with reference to the ministry of the industry and information technologies of the country. Hebei where some months rainfall doesn't drop out. An informal concert of the rock musician collected a packed concert hall of the Russian Embassy. New year on a lunar calendar enjoys the increasing popularity among Chinese. India the movement, the first on the planet, for equality of men is created. Who at least once happened in mountains, by all means thought of remaining in them forever. The rating of the cities in the highest mountains of the world will help to decide on the destination. Installation represents an interactive map of the South Korean capital which is capable to interact with mobile devices. the cities located in the south of the country and to turn them into one megagorod which will become the largest city in the world. which isn't equipped with habitual means of protection from plunders. Chomolungma, because of dense fog and delay of flights. To Mexico in firefight with the military personnel ten members of narcocartel are killed. Peru was found by remains of a squid of the unknown before a look. It is interesting that on a virtual honor roll also the veteran of a cultural revolution who helps poor, and the young businessman who suddenly earned millions got. The flow of the Russian tourists to the Latin American country in a year grew more than twice. From now on anyone can get for the period of holidays the ladylove. China the snowfalls and sleets which caused chaos on roads and interruption in power supply collapsed. Koreas took part in a prayful procession in memory of the pets killed because of foot-and-mouth disease epidemic. It was necessary to open the laptop and to be engaged in traveling notes. As suddenly, the bed reeled and water in a glass became agitated. January predicted a strong cold snap at east coast. The TV host lodged in the luxurious resort, in the bungalow located in a lonely place. After a series of incidents which responsible there were elephants, they are wanted to be moved from the Indian capital. Nha Trang takes the twenty ninth place in the list of the most beautiful gulfs of the world. Indochina since the beginning of the twentieth century, as the most beautiful seaside resort. Dense fog led Mexico to numerous accidents on roads. There, at almost at zero visibility, on the slippery road about two tens cars collided. China at last construction of the longest bridge in the world came to the end. More precisely round the sun suddenly there was an aura at the edges of which two small stars sparkled. Nepal, developed four years ago for supervision over the course of peace process in the country during the post-war period. In the country plan to build completely eco-friendly city which won't pollute environment. He is marked out during the period after a winter solstice and marks increase in duration of light day. procedures of issue of visas become simpler, representations are established, calculations in yuans and excursion in Chinese are carried out. Also the train with all passengers waved, and also did many other not less impressive tricks. China there will begin work the new, second, international airport. To Beijing to cope with the growing volumes of air transportation. Dkhasu was necessary to shoot a leopard who snatched on the person leaving local bar in a lunch break. years I acquired the right to break into the houses of smokers if there are bases to believe that those store illicit cigarettes. Bulldozers span on a place on two wheels and even jumped up. Success secret, according to tractor operators, - competently calculated weight of freight and months of wearisome trainings. That day when by means of the elevator it is possible to get on a low Earth or geostationary orbit is near. Also berries, fruit, grain and many other things are used. Some not grape wines become national drinks. Blatter believes that it is possible to master the new perspective football market. Shopomaniya will seize fans of purchases and shopping over all country. I issued bonds which are nominated in the Chinese national currency, yuans. Wenchou was allowed to invest as experiment in the foreign enterprises. with reference to representatives of law enforcement agencies. It is reported that the plane took off from airfield in today. In one of villages in the east of some hours got out the elephant calf who fell in a well. To the aid called the excavator which tried to expand with a ladle a hole. However the frightened animal stumbled and again fell in water. The dog is well-known for that moves around the city on two paws and always keeps around a handbag in the form of a bear cub. China possibility of the adoption of law obliging adult children to visit and care of the aged parents is discussed. Kerala took place a ceremony of a laying of the building of the research center which will work in interests of the Indian navy. In the Vietnamese jungle the cave which is the biggest in the world a uniform cave from all is found out that earlier were found. In it it is noted that peace process in this country is in the deadlock, and the conditions allowing to bring peacekeepers out of the country aren't created yet. On shelves of the Indian shops in this time a huge choice of kites. Having taken off outerwear, they worked blows, ran, skied, shot from the weapon and carried out other exercises. China stay of the naked person in ice set a new record, for five minutes having prolonged the previous achievement, the Chinese press reports on Tuesday. carried out within the state funds of social sciences, I published landmark results of researches. To Singh to enter celebration of national day of vegetarianism. The Indian elephants in the south of the country perish from the new illness brought by pets. The republics, I broke a record on the profit got by a legal gaming. To Korea accepted the new rules concerning trade in whale meat. It was allowed to trade only in meat of the whales who are found dead. New year it was noted by bad weather at once in many regions of the country. New year for Mexicans began with unpleasant news of increase of tariffs for energy carriers, tobacco and alcohol. The prices of diamonds and diamonds next year can grow considerably against the becoming stronger domestic and external demand. Pakistan officially exchanged on Saturday lists of nuclear objects according to the agreement on nuclear safety in the region, report TV channels of two countries with reference to official sources. In the capital of the state because of bad weather cancelled all flights. a telephony, allowing to carry out cheap phone calls on the Internet. Beijing five new branches of the city subway were put into operation. The legendary Indian cinema which occupies a huge niche in culture of the country, develops with an unknown speed. Because of poor visibility the capital airport is closed, railway and automobile communication in the country is broken. India in roguish plunder of millions from accounts of private and corporate clients. To the cheapest car in the world will build a gold armor. robots teachers got to permanent job at South Korean schools. Cars which were tested during experiment earlier, will train children in English. completely to forbid year smoking in public places. prepared video presentation of the autodrome which in the next season will for the first time accept arrivals of royal races. years the part of cost of shopping in local shops will come back to them. Villagers started driving sticks and fire an animal who hid in bushes, however he and there wasn't lucky. If the horse polo traditionally is considered the most aristocratic sport, the polo on elephants, perhaps, can call the most exotic. During hunting the animal failed in a deep well. The six-year-old girl became the youngest teacher of yoga in the world. Harbin at full speed there is a preparation for an annual festival but which show constructions from snow and ice. years the new law according to which the number of the museums is planned not only to increase is entered, but also to make in them an entrance free. Элбэгдорж appealed to the people of the country to refrain from the use of vodka in the period of New Year's holidays. Ginnessa by quantity at the same time playing chess. Intelligence services the day before received information on the preparing acts of terrorism. Some seconds later after start the rocket exploded in air. The copy of a wedding ring of the bride of the prince are sold for only three dollars. The strong melancholy for the beloved wife generated a necrophilia in the man. India in six months after a wedding I found out that held a wedding ceremony with the woman. Р forbade use of foreign words in books, newspapers and on the Internet sites. Bogota I developed a series of bulletproof clothes which with success sells as Christmas gifts. Established to India as the laughter affects internals and all organism in general. It appears, the correct laughter is capable to replace even fitness. Delhi was met by weather, frosty to the Indian measures, and hot interest of the Indian journalists. which, as expected, will be in a great demand among lonely young people. Every year hundreds of Tibetans run away from communist regime, making a risky campaign through mountains. Mexico I caused catastrophic consequences. Deliberately or not, but ancient Indians managed to create huge amplifiers of a sound. There the interactive exhibition which all exhibits wish to chat with visitors opened. Hunan the truck transporting pyrotechnics exploded. eight people were lost, four persons were traumatized. The unusual PR campaign of a live symbol of a holiday was arranged in one of South Korean zoos. South Korean parents found a new way of encouragement of the children for good marks in higher education institutions. To Korea fathers and mothers invest huge money in education of the children. The visit purpose - to strengthen commercial relations between two Asian giants to the relations between which stirs a mutual distrust. the bus transporting wedding guests broke to the lake. Health workers took to the streets with requirements to increase safety of working conditions. Shah who opened fire from an individual weapon during dispute in the hotel bar. He is accused of an illegal use of weapons and threats. Guadeloupe, reports the ministry of public safety of the Mexican capital. the building in which the big shop of jewels and some serving offices is located. Russia that exceeds an indicator of the current year four times. Probokstalo is much less, and it is more than new metro stations. Yangxin in shop of pyrotechnics occurred strong explosion. Xinhua, as a result of incident eight people were lost, there are wounded. To Mexico the action devoted to problems of global warming. Kilimanjaro, already hardly will return soon to this invention. Dalai Lama already knows where his next embodiment will take place. India I called a search inadmissible and I promised to understand. Kenya, declared a find of a unique species of flies who are covered with hair and are almost deprived of wings. Mexico, known for the religious beliefs. Nada is evacuated by tens of thousands of people because of threat of new pouring rains and floods. Representatives of opposition occupied the hall of the building, having gone on a sit-down strike, and then blocked an entrance to the hall. The people dressed in suits of animals take temperature at a panda cub. Psychologically not to injure an animal, they put on suits of pandas. the ly equipment destroyed an ancient housing estate of the Maya. Works were carried out for clearing of a place under a pasture for the private ranch. China mastered the Russian military technologies and now from the importer turns into the active exporter. the Chinese soldier and the local died in fight against the fire. The Kaziranga still keeps championship in the world in density of the tigerish population. Attack happened at night, however the resource still doesn't work. This measure was required for decrease in illegal export. Deputies arranged to Korea a mass fight in the main legislature of the country. The bill of input of free food for pupils of public schools became object of so active discussion. Negotiations lasted three years and it seemed that to anything won't lead. The countries which provided corn to that African country, ask to understand. India was and remains the largest buyer of gold in the world. Dalai Lama considers that the Christianity brought more benefit to mankind in education, than the Buddhism and Islam. And everything would be as usual, if not one circumstance. I allowed the comment which can quite be treated doubly. calls himself the only, not obeyed to the Spanish conquistadors Maya people. the floor house which is considered the most expensive private house on the planet. Besides, Tibetans in exile build a healthy democratic control system, both in wordly, and in the spiritual sphere. To inhabitants of one of villages forbade to use mobile phones till a marriage. According to elders, these devices became the main cause of destruction of ancient traditions. years a blizzard that caused serious damage to local cattle breeding. Hair darkened and began as in youth, roughly grow. Nap who forgot for a long time that means to correct a hairdress. The freakish ostanets turned for the expired centuries by sand and a wind are in the isolated area abroad of the lived world where there are no roads and traces of presence of the person. Residents of many countries worship to the surprising natural drawings which are precisely repeating contours of outlines of animals familiar to the person or faces of deities. Therefore any its aspect will include some religious moments. To Nepal in modernization and construction of hydroelectric power stations. The main condition - foreign investments shouldn't threaten national culture. International academy of traditional Tibetan medicine. To Dalai Lama, Tibetans even more often think of the armed opposition with the Chinese authorities. The infrastructure of many Indian cities is exposed now to serious transformations, the old systems connected with replacement by more modern. For many the word tourism is a rest synonym on a beach with clear water. the district stylized under small streets of the small English town. The role of women in world history is powerful though their social importance during different eras was different. South Korean military, the condition of four is estimated as heavy. Aurangabada the explosive device which worked not at once was revealed. Kapoks shows consideration for the beloved and her emotional state. China, having arrived here, you feel so as if got to other country. Tibet separated from the outside world by high mountains always represented a riddle. Until recently in many corners of the world there was a sacral custom of so-called sexual hospitality. Here and there this tradition remained still, and it is connected with various pagan beliefs. On a place of both parking color rock drawings and prints of hands of people were found. China of areas, I exploded some minutes later after take-off on Friday around midday. it is a real paradise for carefree swimming and a snorkeling. Koreas will impose a tax on purchase of the state bonds by foreign investors. And, where we pay the main attention to organizational issues of a trip. Pakistan which constantly demanded from this organization to interfere with the solution of a Kashmir question. within children's prechristmas action penguins take part. Birds are dressed as a santa-klausa, and they are watched by the employee of park. Rajasthan traditional fair of a cattle and camel races took place. India, travelers could notice considerable improvements of tourist infrastructure in the country. And there are more transformations, according to statements of the authorities, it is planned to carry out in the near future. November, a rating of the countries with the highest threat of terrorism. The rajah retired after the proceeded about a year of investigation of circumstances of multi-billion auction of frequencies for cellular oprator. February the network of roads of monks will be closed for tourists. Criminals took it for the trade vessel and tried to board. The cub was come to the rescue by a hippopotamus female who softly pushed out it on the coast. Kenya will begin with the first of the African countries trade in quotas of emission of greenhouse gases. The Ministry of Education, sciences and technologies already created group of scientists and technical specialists for preparation of the next start. approved an initiative of the Korean presidency of creation of a global network of financial safety. India - signed the contract on cooperation urged to improve conditions of production and distribution of cinema products. center of world famous ridges and peaks. Guerrillas knew - this leaf stops a wound, this root - from gastric pain, and this flower strengthens immunity. As it appeared, lizards were included into the menu of local institutions of public catering. They flied to take away the Japanese tourists who got to trouble. Labor unions are sure that ratification of the contract will strike on simple workers. years to carry out large-scale investments into development of a network of the railroads in the country. Tibet, but on the Nepalese-Chinese border we weren't passed then. Tibet, throughout many centuries I was one of the main places of pilgrimage. millions of people visited the pavilions representing cultures and technologies of the different countries. in t to surprise archeologists and historians with new finds and opening. The hotel will be focused on sector of business tourism. The other day the list of the countries with the greatest number of natural natural zones where inhabitants of flora and fauna are on the verge of disappearance was published. time more often than representatives of any other social group. But something prevented this project to be embodied in time. India and symbolizing light victory over darkness, dobra over the evil. The Tibetan autonomous area, the park of the Tibetan national crafts will be created. Next year many countries impose additional tourist taxes and increase the taxes which are already available. Such situation will have an adverse effect on tourism development. India led to decrease in number of the owls living in the country. China was fruitful and strengthened the bilateral relations. Territorial dispute still saddens the relations between two Asian giants. Vietnam caused a new wave of floods in the country as a result of which eight people were lost, six more people were missing. I wakened a few years ago, having realized that is the owner of huge reserves of ore. this combination in itself is exclusively exotic and even fantastic. Мальдив apologized before newlyweds for the spoiled wedding. Manchuria brought the international passenger bus station which will serve both the internal, and international passenger routes passing through this city into test operation. This institute entering into structure of the world bank has to help with development of pilgrim tourism. People's Republic of China national population census started on Monday. Murmansk and Moscow customs officers helped to catch the criminal. India decides on forgery, breaks the law and gets for a lattice. offers on updating of the basic financial law of the country. I chose the country in which its first non American office will be opened. Atolls, bright coral world of ocean depths, sandy beaches and palm trees. Paradise for plyazhnik and divers, an ideal place for carrying out a honeymoon and family rest. Mexico it is possible on the Internet and without consular fee now. China long enough tried to live in peace with the neighbors. Gupta is sure that long-term commitment to vegetarianism in old age will lead the person to weak-mindedness. Stone was never afraid to address even to the most risky subjects. India made the decision to create a female battalion which will protect female passengers during moving as a part of police forces of railway protection. Деньфень in the local Shaolin monastery I passed a festival of a kung fu at which young adherents made a speech. China installed the vending machine guns trading in live crabs. India, more than seven hundred new species of ancient insects are found. Caen held negotiations and published the joint statement on strengthening of cooperation on rare-earth elements, nuclear power and other directions. The last officially notified him on it last Friday. Kenya the amazing country having a set of advantages. China set a new record in cultivation of big pandas. The commonwealth, taking place recently in the Indian capital, attracts a large number of tourists. Until recently almost all of them stayed in a deplorable state. India against the will, but with a great interest is included into a number of the countries, attractive to tourists. Korea made the decision on cancellation of joint military maneuvers. It is expected that this step will promote the best protection of elephants. An obstacle course, firing and military operations in the conditions of highlands. India pass anti-terrorist doctrines of the Russian and Indian military. Korea introduces new technologies in education. now will start teaching to pupils of two elementary schools English by means of robots. Qinghai, there passed protests of school students against unconfirmed plans of the government for cancellation of use of the Tibetan language in local schools. Cuzco, found two ancient burials of monks. Speeches of athletes, circus performers, musicians were followed by magnificent lighting effects. The Indian police officers carried out special operation on release of a leopard. the leopard of half a day growled so that was audible all around. it is the most significant holiday of tenger which lasts about a month and it is the share of the end of summer - an early autumn. Allahabad, persons before celebrations paint. Because of experiences the woman had a heart attack. India serious passions concerning the newly elected beauty queen inflame. It has white hair and blue eyes - distinctive features which, it seems, the real Indian can't possess. Assam locals poison elephants with poison and kill with the poisoned arrows with the purpose to protect the houses and a crop. Punjab will practically not change this year, and the output will fall only slightly, - declare local authorities. Dreams of the Buddhist teacher formed the basis of dances of monks lamas. India decided that in the country there has to be own operating system. which in the spring of the next year will be brought and to the European market. flood, mysterious crash of the North Korean plane, autumn festival, round-up of a casino and many other things. it is inseparably linked with tradition of a term of Tibetan Buddhism. The nanoskopichesky crystals of medical preparations created by them it is much easier and are quicker soaked up by intestines walls even if medicine isn't dissolved in water. Jodhpur where wholly I took pleasure in hospitality of Indians. Peru the group of paleontologists found the fossilized remains and feathers of a gray and red-brown shade belonging to an ancient huge penguin. years, rehearsals of the opening ceremony and construction works. airlines which best of all dress the stewardesses. India and founder of philosophy and strategy of a non-violence. The commonwealth which promise to be the most large-scale and expensive games for all history. In spite of the fact that his parents as doctors, so, wealthy people, the child all the time hungers. As showed opening, intestinal infection became a cause of death - animals poisoned with sewage which got to the drinking bowls established in open-air cages. Delhi are ready to enter fight against troublemakers in the city - small monkeys. Also approach to execution of music, and the performer is unique. Innovations caused the real panic among the Indian population. The device like a sound card urged people to buy the new German car. Nepal are appointed goodwill ambassadors for development of tourism in the country. India can fly up to record marks in the near future. I made a rating of the safest hotels for the wild nature. The nature is ingenious in the creations, sometimes it delights and bewitches. Mexico, attracts beys-jumpers and cave explorers from around the world. India got very expensive sites under building. Now developers are compelled to sell apartments in housing estates at the overstated cost. broke off the relations with the son after he in the movie played the gay. Arkhangelsk criminal case concerning the inhabitant Mr. Timoshik, accused of forgery and violation of a visa regime is considered. India in which, apparently, there are a lot of happy people. India will take place, despite series of the scandals connected with preparation for a meeting of athletes. Nepal as goodwill ambassadors for development of tourism in the country. During the anti-Indian performances since June of this year already more than hundred people were lost there. But I think that such plots can be found in any point of the world. Forbade India on Thursday in the territory of the country for three days to use e-mail. Such decision is made as one of measures for prevention of collisions on the religious and communal soil between Hindus and Muslims. And after prayers, gifts and a short ceremony of farewell old statues immerse in water until they are dissolved. This annual holiday marks the end of a season of rains. In our center very interesting travel and expeditions will constantly be organized. Butane population of tigers about which existence scientists authentically didn't know, however long time was told by locals. Kashmir to remove stress which arose after months of killing skirmishes of security forces with participants of the actions of protests. India is the second largest producer of wheat in the world and the fourth year in a row reaps record-breaking big crops. India which is the second-large producer and the supplier of cotton in the world, maybe has less, than it was expected earlier in case the season of monsoons lasts more long, than usually. Elista there arrives the unique collection of Buddhist shrines. India will begin creation of joint business incubator on agrobiotechnology and will sign the contract on production of vaccines on the basis of the Russian technologies. Two persons are wounded and hospitalized in local hospitals. Kashmir the police opened fire at the protesters who broke curfew regime. Анантнаг government forces fired at a funeral procession therefore one person was lost and were a little wounded. Delhi is internal flight, the seventh on loading, in the world in calculation of number of flights to week. According to experts, the high probability of its further strengthening remains. Удэ, will construct a sand mandala for protection of the city and inhabitants against action of evil forces. Celebrations lasted for two days and pass at unprecedentedly strict measures of safety. Anthony made quite strong anti-Chinese statement. Seong made the statement that the authorities of the country are ready to construct a skyscraper. Korea the European market will be captivated by the Korean cars. Mongolia will announce shortly the tender for construction of the new railroads. Producers of coffee note that excess of moisture doesn't allow grains to ripen fully, and trees are surprised fungal diseases. Chumbe found earlier unknown architectural complex of the doinksky period. Koreas if that occurs in as - or the predictable future. Gymnasts showed to Mumbai the skill of mallakhamb-yoga. glasses of strong cocktail I died from alcoholic poisoning. The teenager was lost when government troops opened fire at the protesters throwing into them stones. China execute three times more people, than in other countries. These are the big, clumsy, not always pleasantly smelling beings. For many years under the scorching sun and infinite cold nights left the trace on a skin of these animals in the desert. All post Muslims abstained from food, drink, smoking and entertainments during daylight hours. India agreed to conclude the agreement on economic partnership. Because of constant malfunctions and unavailability of crew terms of delivery of an atomic-powered vessel transfer to rent again and again. It is the valley of volcanoes which were thrown up thousands here, and maybe millions years ago. We bring to your attention some best photos of the travelers participating in competition. To India at an exhibition it is presented not only by photos - the exposition included ritual subjects of Indians. Themis in relation to the Russians who delayed visas, it is told in the press release, extended on Tuesday by the Russian diplomatic mission. It often happens in way and usually, washout of eyes clear water, you forget about small incident. Shepherds at the beginning of September start overtaking sheep from mountain pastures down, to valleys. Mansfield doesn't demand special knowledge neither in physics, nor in the Buddhism. And uses the handle less and less people today. The container has the female maternal beginning and is always ready to come to those who seeks consolation, needs the help. Amazon is the main thoroughfare. Katmandu, passed the pride parade, the first in the history of the country which collected hundreds of participants. Despite a heavy rain, crowd of young men and women in bright suits and masks passed across city streets in support of a pride. And after because of the outbreak of salmonellosis one and a half billion eggs were rejected. Dzhanmashtami which key moment traditionally was an ablution ceremony. Organizers announced ablution by milk, juice and yogurts. Russia agreed about cooperation in preservation of tigers and leopards. the Tibetan monks will show Buddhist religious ceremonies and traditional fancy-dress dances. In the last two years traffic jams on this highway became very seryeny problem. workers for cleaning of the coast of resinous balls which run aground waves, polluting beaches. Balls were found on the goanskikh beaches at the beginning of a week. Kalmykia will get acquainted with the interesting book of comics which is very popular in the world. On Monday from the second attempt he threw out on height in two kilometers an ashes cloud. Residents of the villages, next to a volcano, hastily leave the houses. To Mexico the railway project of high level that will demand attraction both public funds, and private investments. Mexico presented the updated strategy for fight against money laundering on Thursday. The Maldives about creation of the magnificent resort of blondes. India, in particular, in the military sphere, despite recent incident. China to issue the visa to the high-ranking Indian military. Taiwan in the first day of the seventh month of a lunar calendar the festival of the wandering spirits is celebrated. Gilani urgently brought together officials of health sector in connection with the growing risk of epidemics in the country, affected from a flood. The stopper which held down the route stretched already on more than hundred kilometers. The jam on the road was caused by flow of trucks. with reference to the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country. China will consider modification of the criminal legislation of the country. The personal data for customer service improvement of quality will oblige to place Mumbaysky taxi drivers in cars. Korea can offer the territory for placement of the American troops. Koreas aren't obliged to open the sizes of the salary even to wives. China is ready to start construction of an own first aircraft carrier. In the Pakistani consent to acceptance of the Indian help the considerable role was played by Americans. India to stop military operations and to sit down at a negotiating table. Experts hope that homecoming will push the second-large overland animals of the planet to get posterity. With a prompt growth of the Chinese economy the average per capita income of Chinese remains the lowest. Reported about it in headquarters of the Indian military personnel today. t discontent concerning the sharp growth of a payment for study in higher education institutions. This time joint operations training in fight against submarines will become a main goal of maneuvers. Tsin at the same time I became the millionaire and the richest child of the country. thousands of dollars that equals to about one million yuans. a century in the first travel, it was movable by a bogopoznaniye. There was information that explosion of the mobile phone led to tragic consequences - his owner died from traumatized. India I received serious injuries of the right ear, neck and shoulders. also develops the plan of possible transfer to border areas with this country of the airborne troops. The ill-bred cub of a macaque Rhesus factor isn't able to use a knife and a fork and even simply doesn't know that a plate don't eat. Р considerably advance rates of change of concepts of citizens about cultural behavior and civilization. such way of life where completely there is no time for itself, exhausts an increasing number of office workers of megalopolises. One of wonders of the world among cows, tramps and chaos of ignorance. It is worth visiting him at least not to forget it never. Goa popular with health-resort visitors of the whole world is sent to prison the Russian tourist. Swindlers located in the center of the capital under a sign of travel agency. The boot didn't hit the mark, and the hooligan was right there detained by the staff of security services. for involvement of visitors I thought up an interesting trick - I began to cut, standing on the head. China there is a work on creation of the state system of Internet search. The United Nations was decided that national housing of cattle-farmers - the yurta will save the country from shortage of preschool institutions. the group of men disguised as Buddhist lamas attacked the police box on the road. Beijing, it was modernized and I turned into a surprising aquapark. On rugs Petersburgers sit and repeat the movements of the teacher of yoga. China doctors performed successful operation on removal of a huge breast at the Chinese farmer who has a rare disease - a ginekomastiya. The Chinese children it is the best of all in the world understand the computer equipment, but in too time have the worst imagination. Declared to Kenya that don't intend to protest against the draft of the new Kenyan constitution more. On last referendum this project received a majority of votes. The most young singer in the history of the country isn't able to read yet, but already let out own album. As the composer of all nine songs of the little soloist her father acted. Fairs, and on a plan of the chief director his emergence will recreate a picture of a landing of the space lander. Productions have to stop work by the end of September. Allegedly, onboard the ship there are seven people, them them four Koreans and three Chinese. To the republic works on the project of the train moving with almost supersonic speed of one thousand kilometers per hour are conducted. It is natural that residents of this country even more often face such problem as traffic jams. India considers possibility of creation in structure of intelligence services of the country of management on espionage in computer systems of the countries opponents. Munkhbayar held a meeting with engineers of capital management on investments and discussed with them questions of use of ground waters in apartment houses. India appealed to temples not to allow the elephants containing there to bless pilgrims as from people animals catch tuberculosis. The Indian leading fashion designers presented the new collections. They stopped copying the western dizeyner and started developing the unique style. It was declared by the head of South Korean immigration service. The national ministry of sport published the report in which the impartial facts are given. Shandong in the east of the country, belong to the biggest flying reptile. Nepal I failed a third for the last two weeks attempt to elect the prime minister of the country. one million square kilometer lives only about two million people. Actually, it is less, than two people per square kilometer of the area. this top has many names, but the main thing is that this peak - the highest in the world. Kenyan Protestant pastors argue on the new constitution which plan to enter in the country. Guizhou found the huge stone divided into two parts. Remains of the athlete are strongly spoiled with time, however the equipment confirms that it is really Russian paraglayder. Teach in it children of foreigners, and such mode is necessary somewhat quicker to adapt them for life in the unfamiliar country. The speaker of the Indian parliament declared on Friday extension of a break in meetings because of opposition protests in this connection discussion of key economic reforms is again postponed. India refused to listen to lecture of the female teacher until she doesn't put on a burqa. India the man who is suspected of theft of the protected animals is arrested. respondents declared that will agree with the result of vote whatever it was. The small bag with cookies was suspiciously blown up and now could ride on a table. which reminded small mumpish barrels now. China came out on top in the world by quantity of urban population. Vietnam made the decision to forbid advertizing of online games, and also to limit to them access. on which it will be possible to see doll representations performed by the Korean and foreign creative collectives. N that it and now can bring a lot of benefit to all mankind. Its level doesn't arrange someone, and someone wants to experience non-standard approach to treatment. Advise the Chinese officials to drive away thoughts of bribes auto-suggestion. China at party school where civil servants have training, there were special occupations helping pupils to struggle with temptation to accept a bribe. The offended spouse submitted the counterclaim against the wife for moral damage. July, there begins regular work the new terminal of the international airport with it. It is directed on decrease in risk of recurrence of serious crimes and acceleration of search of criminals. Seoul the penalty which size can reach hundred thousand South Korean wons will be raised now. This innovation will come into force already in the second half of the current year. Besides, as it became known, two more are reported missing. Peru to archeologists was succeeded to find the ancient hall which allegedly was used for ritual human sacrifices. Tell numerous remains of the people found on a place about it. Zhuu on which as expect, about three thousand pilgrims will gather. One of the hairiest people in the world wants to reduce the nose by means of plastic surgery. Чженхуань, new appearance will help it to break through on television. It is expected that the capital punishment can be cancelled for elderly people. Chaurasiya thought up the special jeans which are ruthlessly beating thieves pickpockets the category of electric current. Trousers are urged to protect law-abiding citizens from infringement of contents of their pockets. Nepal it wasn't succeeded to finish the three-week period of absence of the effective power in the country. Deputies again didn't manage to elect the prime minister. Locals claimed that in some days it will open. And euro was and will be the most important object of investment interests of the Chinese party. At opening there were delegations from the different countries and the cities. On the Kenyan-Somali border after attack by radical Islamists of boundary patrol intensity increased. The mankind ancestral home, the country halved by the equator. Immersion in the rich and unique nature of these places happens very quickly. As report local TV channels, incident came between deputies from ruling alliance and oppositionists. Every summer I dream of moving office to the sea coast. Or about that everything to stop and going to travel. Mourinho disproved information that during holiday appealed to Kenyan sorcerers to help it to achieve success in the head of new club. The tourist intended to subdue alone the highest point of the world, but the peak wasn't conquered by it. Often owners of a casino for advertizing and increase in number of clients involve in cooperation of tour operators, using indirect methods of sales. Once to me the case on a visit at tsaatan was presented to visit and even it was succeeded to see one of the strongest shamans. I asked for the help Kenyan shamans with the purpose to secure with success in new work. I killed a reptile several minutes before after it bit one of his friends. Enlightenments, he always visits a local Muslim community. The reason consists in desire to keep ecology in the region. India plans to approve the relevant bill. Nearly a half of the two-thousand-kilometer way the structure goes at the height more than four kilometers above sea level. But by the time of arrival of the main group of expedition there was a clear weather and in the morning on the eighth of July I met participants of a trip at the airport. July, and already next day the great wave overflowed roads, settlements and the whole cities. China heavy pouring rains which caused serious human and material losses collapsed. To Korea opening of first-ever institute where students will be trained only in a robotics took place today. t a clear advantage before the students who are out of the language environment. The province became one of the most densely populated administrative units of the world. the real stone wheels with an engraving of a make of the car, the opening doors, and in salon - a wheel and even sitting. Koreas approved sending humanitarian aid to North Korean children and disabled people through the South Korean humanitarian organizations, reported in the ministry of affairs of reunion of the country. China the criminal group which organized the network of virtual casinos, largest in the country, and totalizators is detained. a loop, or as it is called in language of air acrobatics, Infiniti a tambling. Xiaohui, it studies in the first grade of elementary school. mothers, the daughter freely exchanges words with poultry of neighbors and thus tells us the content of their conversation. Sergey plunged under water independently, without instructor. China of Internet services as the company refused to observe acceptable requirements. the most interesting natural phenomenon familiar to the person since the most ancient times. to the anniversary of the spiritual leader of Buddhists the Russian-speaking site opened. The similar measure is caused by the collisions which became frequent for the last month between police and participants of protest actions. Korea to North Korean deserters will be given help in the organization of own business. Mostly murders happen on the financial soil and because of family quarrels because of excessive enthusiasm of one of spouses for the championship of the planet. I remember the past and I think that not for nothing lived these years. years can become record on number of the Russian citizens, holidaymakers abroad. Р, another, not got for this holiday lives, spend holidays abroad. Ho Chi Minh there was a tendency to construct moorings for yachts and motor boats in the territory of housing estates. China escaped in world leaders in speed of construction of the high-speed railroads. Opportunity to travel a long time around this country, to have a rest with children at the sea, to practice yoga and meditation also has India, since February first of this year got to very difficult situation. The authorities consider that this sum has to allow it to live rather comfortably. the girl who lives in the ancient temple before puberty. Delhi one of the world's largest passenger aero terminals. Researchers found out that during lifetime the kid had heavy heart disease. China to dog breeders suggest to change image of domestic pets. Not only do them manicure and massage, but even paint wool. Colourists with ease can turn a dog into a turtle, a zebra or a panda. Since the beginning of June the Chinese serviceman was forbidden to use dating sites because of fears that the personal information which is posted online can cause damage to defense capability of the country. India, including coproduction of navigation equipment for civil users. Taiwan sign the trade agreement first in the history. Taipei hopes that it will open access to the Taiwan goods to the huge market on the continent. The increasing number of local peasants and cattle-farmers receive benefit from tourism. the only country where soccer developed in the opposite direction. India are ready to fight because of t-shirts, brelok or bags with a portrait of the nazi leader. Unfortunately, we can't place at once material in the site. Russia, illegally being in the territory of the country. As a result of examination onboard the ship the weapon grenade launchers, antiaircraft installations and missile systems was found. The Kenyan authorities called special court to put pirates in prison. the representative got to number of rare species and appeared under the threat of disappearance. The W, is told in the message of the Vietnamese government. The Tibetan autonomous area tried to protest against mountain development as they strongly pollute environment. For dispersal of protesters of the power sent about one thousand police officers who used force. China reported about the considerable progress in fight against terrorists. They will be included into digital library of traditional knowledge. Listening to the penetrating and exciting sounds of delay you get to the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. an eyelid the Indian governor well-known for the diplomacy and monuments which it left behind. This place where the ancient mysticism is constantly crossed with reality of modern geopolitics. The Himalayas, silently ask the same question, however, as well as the expelled politicians. To strike to Korea blow to the loudspeakers established on border broadcasting propaganda materials for North Korean frontier guards. Everest from the northern slope controlled by it. continues to worsen the relations with the Vietnamese authorities methodically. He knows the recipe of absolute happiness and eternal youth. Now to it under sixty, but he, by its own recognition, doesn't grow old. She studied ways of pilgrimage of Buddhists, Hindus and Jains. to take pleasure in mountain air, morally to have a rest. We continue our conversations about the mysterious Inca civilization. Material of a trip, feeling and emotion are realized gradually. October in Saigon exhibition and the congress centers. Nepal, pray on that the monsoon came to the country somewhat quicker. ра which Indians of the Maya used as sources of water and places for sacrifices. the impressive funnel which absorbed the whole building of garment factory. to year in which tens of thousands of people were lost, by two years of imprisonment of everyone, transfers the Indian television. June I emphasized that solution of problems begins with dialogue. Korea will make the second attempt to launch the missile of own design in space. During three-day visit he will hold negotiations with leaders of this country. Vietnam is on a roadside of the Russian tourist mainstream today. Ussuri dredging works as a result of which there can be a shift of frontier of our country. The Great Wall, built during different eras. It is no secret that snake poison is widely applied to the medical purposes. The East are sacredly convinced also that meat of a snake strengthens nerves, blood - raises a potentiality and rejuvenates, and bile improves digestion and supports a liver. Kenya health workers began fight against custom among the man's population according to which they are forbidden to use a toilet. In a lobby of the tourist market continue to discuss plans for the winter period. Gref during a press conference following the results of annual meeting of shareholders. Tibet the new requirements for hotel business directed on strengthening of control by lodgers. the summer British climber to get on the highest mountain top. Chomolungma, the tourist starved also overcoolings during descent from the mountain. Hunan after the man upset with divorce shot three judges and I wounded several more. This day passes military parade by the presidential palace. The specific diet of ancient people allowed them to develop. Beijing groups of children reduced in a city zoo and the museums. Read his story about difficult transition at height around three-four thousand meters above sea level. The Non-Aligned Movements, of course, talked about big-time politics. Changshun invited inhabitants of Chita to the sixth Chinese-Russian-Mongolian exhibition. To Lhasa, against the highest mountain ridge of the earth, impressive mountain landscapes, sacred valleys and lakes. India the problem of adverse and dangerous effect of toxic seaweed amplified. Five Russian citizens, from them for violation of a visa regime and forgery - three are in custody over all country today. having exceeded the forecasts which are earlier presented by the state experts. Pradesh as a result of a collapse of roofs of houses and falling of the uprooted trees. Many countries, especially in the third world, can fight in the future because of access to water resources. Three months cleaning during which bottles from under water, household garbage gathered proceeded. Chinese in the ancient time invented not only gunpowder and paper, but, it is possible to consider, and the refrigerator. Mongolia production on processing of meat of local production. Semi-finished products from the enterprise will be delivered to the Ural region. Nepal declared intention to retire to give the chance to the main parties of the country to create national unity government. Rajasthan parents lowered in a vessel with the boiling water the three-months daughter in the face of the gathered public. The girl didn't suffer during bathing in boiled water and didn't even begin to cry. Perez, despite very respectable age, continues to surprise with the mobility and ability to initiate historically significant events. Everest, I intend to make until the end of this year ascension for one eight-chiliarch. Nepal expire on Friday, and the text of the basic law isn't ready yet, the country appeared in the face of chaos. Local politicians didn't manage to agree about extension of terms. The holiday lasts seven days, but the first day - the most important. Nepal over the Himalaya tops, it is necessary at first strongly to spend for this pleasure. But now some of them, the strongest and skillful, will be given a notable discount. Kembera who lived three months here and trained in English of children. Pyongyang, the South Korean party reports, the notice of the termination of communication between departments which deal with issues of sea navigation also arrived. In recent months a number of regions of the world covered powerful floods. The Maldives we left on the big walking boat. Indochina big distribution was gained by the floating markets. Introduction of emergency mode will allow to interfere to armed forces and police and to restore work of port. Kashmir there was a firefight between the military personnel of two countries. Patel reported preliminary data on circumstances of plane crash. He became the youngest subjugator of the highest mountain in the world. Vietnam will develop cooperation in the sphere of agriculture, education and tourism. Russia from drift of causative agents of especially dangerous diseases. Hop declared that the country is ready to the healthy competition. And we decided to participate also in this event this publication. According to their owners, a tattoo will allow to find rather four-footed in case of loss. Recently in the country cases of kidnapping of pets became frequent. China on tennis which starts only at the end of September, thought up the unusual advertizing course which will help to attract fans on tribunes. Maldives I came across the unusual picture - crows bore a pack of cigarettes in a beak. Then they fell by a roof of one of a bungalow and started beating out cigarettes from a pack. Dobkin considers that emergence of such flights gives opportunities for serious economic investments. Mantises at last I achieved the aim towards which there were some last years. members of the Chinese climbing group safely returned to the Nepalese capital. The dong, well-known for the embroideresses, perhaps, will receive a government aid. The matter is that despite wide popularity of the Vietnamese embroidery, embroideresses live extremely modestly if not to tell poorly. The Chinese scientists showed the wireless network constructed with use of light-emitting diodes. Hokhlenko widely knows in narrow circles of experts. There the transport connection is interrupted, and people are afraid to go out of settlements. an hour strike which began on the night of Tuesday. The government makes active efforts on advance of drink at the international level. This holiday will be annually celebrated on the first Saturday of June. poachers destroy tens pelicans who are under the threat of disappearance. pensioners learn to fight back perverts and tyrants. Two genes which help Tibetans to acquire more effectively oxygen in comparison with the people living at small heights are found. India where the medical device with radioactive contents with which one of workers was fatally irradiated was found. To Mexico invite celebrities as tourists. Even the movement of fingers can tell the whole story. Criminals who hold hostages, start caring of them and to sympathize with them. We give at once an example thanks to which, actually, this phenomenon and received the name. The rating of bars and restaurants is published by the magazine of times a year on the basis of responses of the readers. India after rescued two girls and the young man from the sea. The states, devoted to Buddhist manuals and public lectures. India and the leading politicians, such statement was made by the state minister of the country on Tuesday, having referred to loyalty and integrity of these people. India the oil refining companies will receive from it compensation for sale of gasoline at reduced prices. Use of mobile phones to inform news to any remote place, where the closest source of information - hearings, especially in not too rich countries, not news. Novosibirsk the festival of the Tibetan culture in which monks from the Tibetan monastery participate began. Islam, to areas with a large share of the Muslim population. The purpose of such changes is ensuring impartiality of police at a resolution of conflicts. Delhi imposed a ban on movement around the city of the well-known Indian two-wheeled vehicles - two-wheeled carts. Officials considered that this medieval vehicle disturbs image of the modern megalopolis. Tourism is subdivided into the most different categories - extreme, family, youth. And on a wave of the medical services continuing to rise in price one more kind of tourism - medical gains strength. India the father, brothers and cousins that she dared to marry without consent of her parents cut to death it. Kubilyam, archeologists found the city built judging by finds in it, by Jews. The Mother's Day, a holiday devoted to all mothers and pregnant women. Specially by this day this touching release about animals and their careful mothers is prepared. miles by the boat made of container from soft drinks. I declared a delay of flights because of a cloud of a volcanic ash from the Icelandic volcano. Lanki created the special police urged to preserve interests of local and foreign travelers. Its control points will be located in the most popular tourist places. India Maoists undermined an armored troop-carrier in which soldiers - reservists of government forces went. the person were lost, at least two more taught wounds. Pakistan carried out successful tests of ballistic missiles of small radius of range. Inform the western sources on it, referring to data of police. India the Russian tourists who had problems with visas sit. They prolong the term of stay in the country in advance, but new stamps are invalid. Especially sharply it is felt in the blighted area where not that drinking water, often isn't present the simple sewerage. Kashmir there were collisions of security service specialists with fighters. The official representative of the Indian army reported about it on Friday. According to him, as a result of incident five fighters are killed. India it is the first case of rehabilitation and return of individuals of a smoky leopard to the wild nature. Pakistan it is detained by an indiyskoykontrrazvedka on suspicion in espionage today. The defining fact of our life is that all of us by nature instinctively aspire fortunately and don't wish to suffer. Still there are no exact data from where it appeared, who and when I found it. The suspicion in security service specialists of the airport was caused by appearance of tourists. The Andaman Islands the American fell a victim of a crocodile. Buddhist tradition as well as practically any religion, in the philosophy, lectures, rules, ceremonial practice and religious meditations is based on sacred texts. Pakistan met to appoint new date of peace talks between the states. Mumbai as accused the Pakistani fighters of an act of terrorism. Allegedly, the treasure lay at the bottom of the sea more than one thousand years. probably, will never be erased from memory of the Indian veterinarians working with it. the person got various injuries, some thousands of citizens were homeless. Tell that once dirt of a pond helped to recover from a throat cancer. Hexingdang well-known for the fallichesky sculptures and competitions in cutting of phalli from a tree. To Korea this park is visited the whole families, including children. one more opportunity to show to the world the increasing political and economic power, and also that fact that the country left financial crisis without serious consequences. thousands of people, reported to news agencies in management of pavilion. Water tempers a human body, it strengthens it. Its quiet murmur pacifies soul, gives the special course to thoughts, takes away consciousness deep into, helping to highlight a cerebellum unknown before. I published the list of the best places where fans of the outdoor activities which isn't doing harm to flora and fauna can spend holidays. Delhi acts of terrorism are possible soon, and foreigners need to be especially careful as terror can be directed against them. Will transfer to Moscow on outsourcing functions on reception of visa statements and issue of ready documents of the third-party organization within June of the current year. The Indian zoologists and the huntsman started searches of extremely dangerous maniac elephant specializing on serial murders of elephant cows. Chkhattiskharkh on a false denunciation four Christians, including one police officer were arrested. The footwear sewed from a dense denim can be acquired in the Asian countries. Here - the reserve for those who travels all over the world in search of the most correct Ayurveda. Thailand seriously I suffered from multi-day protest actions. Betchachiva refused the proposal of protesters to resign authority and to hold elections. It is quite probable, the hope after all dies the last. Nearly a half of the Indian states was captured by strikes against the high prices of products and fuel yesterday. The general protest action was organized with assistance of opposition and the leading labor unions of the country. However выглядитэто work of jeweler art is fine, however, under a microscope. I published information on increase in number of subscribers of mobile communication in March. Kalachakra-tantry, it is noted by followers of a Lamaism. India will approve the relevant amendment to the law on copyright. The team of climbers also plans to get out of snow captivity of a body of the climbers who were lost at world top. India to ask that I rumat such, he most likely will tell that it is a handkerchief. Shringar, nearby the girl looks out because of a doorway. Law enforcement officers immediately evacuated all buyers from the specified shops. Some tens of thousands of British can't still return from a zarubezh to themselves to the country, in connection with insufficient quantity of flights. year, this day, mankind it is obliged to remember and estimate the nature surrounding it and our role in it. As it appeared, each in the slightest degree considerable city has own rare experts. These people sit in boxes in the most brisk districts of the capital and listen to everyone. Heavy rains with a gale began in this part of the country in the middle of the week. India live open-air after the powerful tornado destroyed villages, having left people homeless. The station is under construction on the Russian project the Indian experts. Ladakh accompanied group of fifty six people. Ramesh promised to banish tourists far away from the Indian tiger reserves. Goa - the favourite direction of the Russian travelers. Usually Buddhist monastery is a place of tranquillity and silent meditations. Katmandu is the monastery which nuns prefer to improve a karma and more active image. For us it, of course, very joyful and long-awaited event. only forward feet while the back move as when walking. India some days can't already leave the houses. The herd of wild elephants trod vegetables near dwellings and don't hurry to leave. Zardari signed the amendments to the constitution limiting him powers. According to the document, all executive power in the country will pass to the prime minister. Russia under the pretext of fears that the cloud of a volcanic ash can reach the Russian airports. Fairly or not, but we earned to ourselves glory the hamovatykh of alcoholics who squander money, but don't know elementary rules of conduct. The mahatma shared Hindu belief that the man's seed blessedly and is the main source of vital force, and its loss conducts to exhaustion and bodies, and spirit. Shiva - in Hinduism an embodiment of the destructive beginning of the Universe and transformation, one of deities of the Supreme triad. Such animals, exotic for air harbor, as jackals, monkeys and cows join them even. India the number of the people having plentiful phones exceeds number of citizens who have toilets. It takes place in the last day years on a Bengalese calendar. The ritual preserving dance before creation of a sand mandola, Buddhist model of the Universe. Islamabad looks for buyers, showing the goods. In the World Ocean there were at once some strong earthquakes. India, ten million pilgrims made ablution in sacred waters. As it is pleasant to find those materials which are continuation of your news in the press and to see familiar faces in photos. Organizers of a holiday urge residents of the country to carry turbans and not to change them for the western headdresses. Funakhasha will carry out attempt of ascension in May of this year. wool nny, with a tail, as at a kangaroo, and mewing as a cat. They tried to emphasize with the celebration importance of preservation of their national religious headdress. This day people visit temples and pour over each other water. Police officers and soldiers applied tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters. Bangalore where examined work of the leading Indian companies working in the sphere information and biotechnologies. Women like to dress up, using for this purpose all benefits of a modern civilization. Gina by miracle survived after the rejected groom shot at her three times. Bullets got stuck in a brain, heart and the right forearm of the girl. By Delhi the modern race circuit has to be brought into operation. percent the level of minimum wage for workers of low and high qualification. the traditional Indian sari which became almost transparent under bright light of searchlights. To Seacrest the speech came about the future wedding of a star couple. At rats silky warm tails, curious eyes, but many people are for some reason sure that tails naked, sklizky and cold, eyes small and angry. percent of the respondents who took part in the international poll. The Krasnodar state historical and archaeological memorial estate of Veydzhadzhiva declared state of emergency in the country. It is difficult for the one who was going to visit his first time to find Menri. It after all not the same that on a sigarette with the friend on a platform to bite. In Buddhist texts it is told about four main obstacles which need to be overcome to achieve success in meditation. Bollywood overturns borders of a legal framework for Hindus for whom any scenes of sex on the screen are a taboo. The collisions which happened in the city between Hindus and Muslims became the reason. Lokhen could be brought in a black list by the Indian government. we heard only positive news, however the cheapest car in the world isn't insured from any troubles. Customs officers tried to find drugs at the famous blogger. Here don't hurry, and it is rare when it turns out to make something in full. More than a year ago, most of Russians was sure of our joint love to each other. Goa started checks of tourists with expired visas. Russia more quickly to solve the problems arising at the Russian tourists. Goa by means of helicopters that tourists felt in absolute safety. The increased number of fingers - as on hands, and standing. Nepal are concerned in connection with the new constitution of the country coming into force in May. The new basic law forbids the address - transition from one religion to another. Putin will discuss some questions of the bilateral relations. India I approved the bill of reservation of a third of places for women. voted for adoption of the bill and only one - against. Some small fractions boycotted vote. x millions of women since all ends of the country, and also from abroad. India are going to adopt again the law which will guarantee to women one third of places in parliament. On Monday the bill will be submitted in the upper house. Dalai Lamas in acknowledgement of his spiritual management. Mokhan - a quiet and smiling tamilets carefully drove the small car. India the city where the strengthened care of wellbeing of foreign tourists took very accurate and concrete forms. The holiday marking approach of spring is celebrated two days running and, as a rule, drops out on a full moon. He since the childhood learned to move and climb everywhere, as a monkey. India, the ceremonial opening of a traditional flower and fruit exhibition took place. Д that became the beginning of revival of the torn-off contacts of the governments of two countries. local newspapers in panic dispatches discuss a question of the Russian mafia and bad manners of the Russians menacing to the Indian values. Goa, ate only seafood and drove friendship with a sacred Indian animal - a cow. Hundreds of people took to city streets, striking against increase in prices for food. To the earth which the person would wouldn't know yet and where he wouldn't visit. At competent training with the child instead of the nurse it is possible to leave even the real cobra. The day before in the Indian staff extensive operation on identification of people with expired visas began. Goa, seemingly, begins scandal over our compatriots. According to representatives of local authorities, Russians allegedly threaten tourism on this peninsula. to meet the president of the greatest democratic state. The meeting took place behind closed doors therefore details of conversation are unknown. I promised that any train won't start if at least one passenger is found on a roof. The second year in a row they refuse New Year's celebrations. Inhabitants picked up it, fed with milk and called the police. Fund of protection of the wild nature, and for a cub there arrived ecologists. Because of threats of Hindus most of owners of movie theaters are afraid to show the movie with participation of a Muslim star. New year which this time coincided on time Happy Valentine's Day. In the first day of year in the country shops, the markets don't work, and country markets won't work a week more. Millions of Hindus expect a descent of divine good fortune and corporal clarification. Hollywood for the right to transfer classics of world cinema to a three-dimensional format. Goa to workers of a coast guard was succeeded to rescue four Russians bathing in the forbidden places. Indians won't become the first people yet on the planet who will be able to try gene-modified eggplants. Earlier transgene vegetables outright set by the ears the central government with states. Today in the RuNet there was a news about opposition of the Indian tribe and a certain plant. Nepal stake on attraction to the country of rich gays and lesbians and invite nonconventional couples in wedding rounds about the country. In its framework the country prepares many interesting actions and improves infrastructure. tries to give help not only to people, but also other living beings in this country. it is more perceived in the world as the direction for sex tourism. India the telephone hotline which will allow tourists to receive detailed data on these or those directions will open, and also to use the help of operators in a difficult situation. India, you it is necessary or to moderate manifestations of your feelings in public places, or to face local justice. India made the decision to renew the rule of a visa corridor. Documents on registration of the visa can be filed only in a month after expired period of validity of the last visa. Melbourne attacked it, poured gasoline and set fire. Protests are caused by death of the Muslim teenager who was lost during collisions of residents with police. China already expressed concern in the forthcoming meeting. The Chinese authorities react to each attempt of the western countries to meet a lama. Instead of seven weekly departures it will be carried out ten, and extension of the program is reached due to evening flights. Rakdev and his seminars which he holds for a huge number of Hindus.

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