Do cell phone signal boosters really work home

Do cell phone signal boosters really work home I have run into this site that provides a comprehensive guide and basic info on cell phone amplifiers.
I bought one of these things 7 months ago and from my experience you still need to have a good reception so you probably need to mount an outside and high up antenna.
But the antenna provided with the one I bought is meant for attic install so if you are going to use this at home you might want to check the signal in your attic.
When I bought this I had some difficulty at first cos I need to think of a good location to put the base unit in.
The instructions says that it should be place 15 feet above the floor and 15 feet away from the external antenna.
Staff pick Discussion locked Report offensive post Email to friend Permalink I heard signal boosters do work.
I have a metal roof and I was told that is what bounces the signal off and keeps it from getting into my home.
It is very likely that it does not need any further discussion and replying to it will serve no purpose.
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Cell phone signal boosters claim to increase the signal strength of your cell phone connections giving you clear calls that are less likely to be dropped.
This circuitry may be described as an extended antenna that allows the phone to capture more from nearby cell towers.
Some people are under the belief that these stickers somehow turn the whole phone into a conduit through which to receive signals from towers.
Another reasoning is that somehow the stickers collect the radiation output of a cellphone and redirect that energy into signal strength.
The simplest explanation seems to suggest that the stickers are nothing more then coiled up metal that acts as an extra antenna for your phone.
I spent a lot of time researching these RF boosters and cell signal repeaters and many other solutions to this problem.
I am amazed by the people that live in the middle of nowhere and expect miracles and complain on Amazon.
I have put one of these on every cell phone that my family owns and I am going to give them as Christmas gifts.
I was searching for an efficient cell phone signal booster as my previous signal boosters were poor performers.
SuperBooster is definitely a reliable and quality signal booster and proved as a best signal booster among all I tried.
One of my close friends gave me the RF SuperBooster Cell Phone Signal Booster after I repeatably told her how bad my cell phone signal was.
I stuck the SuperBooster on the back of my cell phone and went down into my cellar and was able to place a call.
Where you live and which cell phone service provider you use will determine whether you have a strong signal or are fighting to make phone calls.
The ability to go from one bar of service up to the maximum number of bars is now possible and easier than ever.
These amazing little devices take the signals that are already floating around and amplify them in a small area around the receiver.
Ex YX200 take just a few minutes to set up and will permanently enhance the quality of service you receive.
The following information will help you understand what makes a good booster and how we rated each product.
You will also want to make sure that the average gain is no less than 25dB to ensure that your antenna is able to capture the incoming radio waves and turn them into a stronger signal.
The ideal boosters on the market are wireless and provide signal boosting to everyone within range of the antenna.
Most of the cell phone boosters we reviewed are very easy to use and take just a few minutes to set up.
The first time someone drops a call while on the road or possibly in their house they just figure something went wrong and try again.
It does this by placing an antenna in an area which has a good cell signal which receives the signal and passes it via a cable to a cell phone signal amplifier.
This happens a lot with newer cell phones where a person has just bought the latest and greatest phone and now wants to boost their local 4G signal.
The best option in this situation is to contact the experts at UberSignal for helping finding the perfect solution for your situation.
Always keep this in mind when looking at the published square footage that we list for each signal booster.
A femtocell is a device that looks like a wireless router and acts like a mini cell phone tower right in your apartment.
The electronics store where you purchase the antenna will be able to confirm if the amplifier is compatible with the antenna.
Determine if your phone has an external port to which you can add an external amplifier with an external antenna.
This is a simple rectangular piece of metal that can be used to boost an existing antenna or to replace a broken one.
This connects to your phone and basically works the same way that the antenna on your television does.
Each cell phone antenna sends a broadcast signal at a certain frequency which communicates with a cell phone tower that is listening and broadcasting a.
Strip from one half inch to one inch of the plastic away from the phone cord at the end where the connector was removed.
A friend of mine in South Korea had basically no signal in his basement apartment so he called his service provider and they installed a device that looks pretty similar to the ones on that newegg link and he got great signal.
Picking the right signal booster requires knowing how strong of a signal you get where you are going to mount the external antenna and how large of a space you need to cover.

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